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Supernova Tanning Beds

Perhaps among the most popular high-pressure tanning bed in the world today is Supernova tanning beds, manufactured by tanning equipment specialist Ultrabronz. Supernova tanning beds continue to be a staple in serious tanning salons because of three reasons – clients who want the darkest tanning results love using them, they are very easy to maintain, and they provide the best return on investment. Ready to purchase Supernova tanning beds for your salon? Here is everything you need to know.

Anatomy of a Supernova

Supernova tanning beds have everything that you would expect first-rate tanning beds to have –from exceptional tanning equipment that filter out harmful UVB rays, to super strong frames that are built to last, to lush interiors that spell ultimate tanning comfort.

It's easy to see why tanning salons with Supernova tanning beds get a lot of customers. The signature Supernova tan is not only natural-looking and ultra bronze – it also lasts up to four times longer than ordinary tans. Customers also love the ultra luxurious feel of the specially-made mattresses inside Supernova tanning beds, which make 24-minute tanning sessions seem like spa sessions. About two to three sessions every month is already enough to build and maintain a golden brown tan. The bed is designed to tan only one side at a time, so clients always a uniform tan every time.

Supernova tanning beds use unique reflectors and lamps designed for tanning without sacrificing temperature. The interiors remain amazingly cool despite the intense heat of powerful tanning lights. How does this happen? Through precise engineering. The wraparound canopy of Supernova tanning beds permit synchronized tanning on both the sides and the surface, so that light is used optimally. Each bed also comes with a built-in, seven-speed fan that maintains a comfortable temperature so that tanners can relax. Supernova tanning beds are so intelligent that it's virtually impossible to burn in it. It has all the features to provide for safe tanning – UVB-suppressing mechanisms, temp control, and even a stylish timer that gently indicates when it's time for the tanner to turn over.

Buying a Supernova

Supernova tanning beds may be the best investments you ever make for your tanning salon business because they are tried and tested beds that never go out of fashion. In fact, since its launch around 1999, sales of Supernova tanning beds have continued to grow – and many tanning salon owners swear by how these beds never fail to reel customers back in. One salon owner I know even calls her Supernova tanning beds the ‘Cadillacs' of tanning. Once clients experience using it, they don't ask for anything less.

But let's face it - Supernova tanning beds do not come cheap. If you cannot afford to buy brand new, there are plenty of retailers selling refurbished units. Refurbished Supernova tanning beds are just as good as new ones, because these beds were built to last decades in the first place. Just be sure to change the lamps every 500 hours of use to maintain optimum tanning effects. Also clean the foam filter with a vacuum every week, and scrub clean the glass reflectors with ammonia free glass cleaners for both hygiene and energy-saving purposes.

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