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Goggles for Tanning Beds - Why You Need Them

Goggles for tanning beds – What are they for?

As with all tools that promise to beautify people, tanning beds have become very popular, especially now that number of people who are concerned about their appearance also seems to be consistently growing. Tanning beds enable people to get the color they desire in significantly less time than they would if they do actual sunbathing:. Why? Because these beds produce more than one hundred percent more ultraviolet (UV) radiation than the sun.

In Come Goggles for Tanning Beds

However, tanning beds are not without health hazards. They are a source of high-intensity UV radiation, which is a known carcinogen. This means that the tanning bed introduces the risk of getting cancer. According to the National Toxicology Program's Report on Carcinogens, Ninth Edition , tanning beds have been associated not only with skin cancer, but with eye cancer as well. Hence, the need for goggles for tanning beds.

What are goggles for tanning beds for?

Goggles for tanning beds protect the eyes from harmful radiation. The Health Physics Society website states that in a tanning booth, the eye is likely to receive over one hundred percent more UV radiation than it does from the sun. Various kinds of damage such as corneal burns and cataracts can result from prolonged exposure to high concentrations of UV. Your eyelids alone do not actually tan, and nor do they provide your cornea protection from harmful rays. That is why it is essential to wear goggles for indoor tanning. Not doing so can adversely affect your vision, and in some cases, even cause blindness.

Can sunglasses take the place of goggles for tanning beds?

No, they cannot. Oakley, a manufacturer of high-quality eyewear, for example, came up with Polarized XX Sunglasses that are capable of protecting the eye from all of the UV produced by the sun. But in the high-concentration environment of a tanning bed, only half of the UV would be deflected by these same sunglasses, since the amount of UV is doubled. Obviously, sunglasses (even very expensive, custom-made ones) are not enough.

Requirement for all tanning salons

All tanning salons are required to provide safety goggles for tanning beds for their clients and the reasons for this are fairly clear: tanning beds are environments high in UV concentration, and sunglasses are insufficient. Only goggles for tanning beds can protect a tanner's eyes in the almost-alien environment of the tanning bed.

Price range

Average goggles for tanning beds go for about $1.50 each pair, but tanning salons retail them for more than $3. You can save by buying them in bulk. There are a lot of goggles for tanning beds sold on eBay. You can get two dozens (or 24 pairs) of brands like Super Sunnies for only a little less than $22. Buy 27 pairs and you may get them for an even lower price – about $44. Expect to pay for shipping when you buy from eBay, though. The fee is usually $4.95.