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Indoor Tanning Supplies - Find Your Local Retailer Online

You may not realize it, but indoor tanning supplies are about as essential as tanning beds themselves. These supplies keep your skin and your body healthy throughout the tanning process. It's true what they say – a healthy skin (and body) is the best canvass for a perfect tan. What kinds of indoor tanning supplies do you need? Here is a rundown.

Essential indoor tanning supplies

Indoor tanning supplies such as lotions, creams, and oils all help to give you the perfect tan even when you do not have time to go to the beach because of your hectic schedule. These indoor tanning supplies provide you with the color you desire in the same way that the sun does, but they also protect you against harmful rays. Most indoor tanning supplies are safe to apply on the skin of the body and of the face, so you never have to leave out spots. The result? You get even tanning every time. Chose indoor tanning supplies that do not streak, rub off on clothes, and burn your skin.

Indoor tanning supplies to protect your skin. Indoor tanning formulas work three ways – it makes tanning faster, lets the tan go deeper and last longer, and moisturizes the skin throughout the tanning process. Keep in mind that dry skin reflects UV light instead of absorbing it, so you will never get the even tan you want without tanning lotions. These indoor tanning supplies also keep the skin from burning by keeping it hydrated. Also, since a lot of cosmetic ingredients in makeup formulations and other products tend to react to the skin, indoor tanning supplies such as tanning lotions are needed for neutralization.

Indoor tanning supplies to protect your eyes. Your eyelids are among the most UV-sensitive parts of your body, so you need to protect them adequately to avert irreparable damage such as retinal burns and cataracts. That is why you should always wear protective goggles. These indoor tanning supplies are specially made to combat invasive UV rays. Remember that sunglasses or towels alone are not effective substitutes to tanning goggles. Never use a tanning bed without proper goggles on.

Indoor tanning supplies to protect other sensitive areas. Your lips can burn very easily under indoor tanning beds because they cannot produce melanin. That is why you need to stock up on indoor tanning supplies that provide your kips with Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Lip balms with a minimum of 20 SPF should do the trick.

Parts of your body which not usually exposed to UV rays are also at the risk of burning under tanning lamps. Be careful of your underarms, the back of your legs, your breasts, the buttocks area, etc. breasts, etc. – they can easily be damaged by the same UV intensity that merely tans the rest of your body. You can buy specially formulated indoor tanning supplies to protect these areas, or simply cover them halfway through tanning session, at least during the first week.