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Review The Top Major Distributors of Tanning Equipment

Major Distributors Of Tanning Equipment

When major distributors of tanning equipment are talked about, two names come to mind: SunCo Distributors and Novatan. These two industry giants have been movers in tanning equipment distribution for several years, and it's easy to see why.

SunCo Distributors

SunCo prides itself no just for selling the best tanning equipment brands, but also for providing support for startup tanning salons and tanning salons looking to expand. They have programs to aid entrepreneurs through the whole tanning salon venture – from finding a profitable location, to designing the salon space, to actually building the salon, and on to operating it.

SunCo Distributors values its relationships with its clients – and that is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs who are interested in owning a tanning salon franchise or in becoming an independent salon owner choose it as a partner.

SunCo Distributors also have a comprehensive tanning equipment stock. It carries top-selling indoor tanning lotions such as Australian Gold, Designer Skin, Caribbean Gold, Swedish Beauty, Colorology , Fiji Blend, Fiesta Sun, and Supre, among many others. It also carries major tanning equipment such as high pressure tanning beds, commercial tanning beds like SunScape, Solaris, SunStar, SunDome and SunVision, and even residential tanning beds such as SunQuest. SunCo's tanning equipment merchandise also extends to facial tanning lamps and other tanning bed accessories.


What we like best about Novatan is that it carries only the best brands that it believes in. Its range of tanning equipment are all high-performance and purposely manufactured to replicate the natural tanning process and make it faster and safer.

Novatan is one of the major distributors of home tanning beds. The company sells all residential tanning bed models for every requirement and budget, from SunQuest canopies to more powerful SunQuest 26RS units. But Novatan does not stop at lower-end models – it also has a comprehensive stock of commercial tanning units. Buyers can choose from basic SunVision 24 units to more lavish SunVision Elite 32 units. The company is also one of the major distributors of peripheral tanning equipment such as our Novasolar and our Del Sol tabletop face tanners, which are more portable (and also more affordable)

Like SunCo, Novatan extends assistance to people who want to establish their own tanning salons by giving tanning equipment business leases tailored for every requirement. Because of this program, a lot of tanning salon owners are able to immediately expand their business while conserving their capital on hand. Novatan is one of the few distributors that provide 100 percent financing, which means that they pay for everything, including accessories, shipping, and installation charges.

What's even more impressive, though, is Novatan's lease program for home tanners. They are one of the few distributors that let buyers of individual, non-commercial tanning equipment to enjoy lower monthly interests than credit card companies impose – as little as 2.6 percent of the outstanding balance. Best of all, Novatan does not require buyers to shell out any down payment.


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