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While indoor tanning beds are safer alternatives to traditional outdoor tanning, they can also cause health problems when used incorrectly. It is a good thing that there are a lot of sun tanning bed products constantly being developed to help prevent skin diseases caused by indoor tanning beds from occurring, and even heal those that already have. You need to continually sun tanning bed products is you want to keep on enjoying the convenience and privacy of tanning indoors. Used correctly in controlled environments and accurate dosages, sun tanning bed products can give you perfect, healthy, and safe tans that hit-or-miss outdoor tanning cannot.

Why sun tanning bed products are very important

If you are new to tanning, them you need to consult with a dermatologist or a qualified tanning salon attendant. He or she will help you evaluate your skin type, determine the UV exposure time you can handle, and choose the best sun tanning bed products to make your tan healthier and longer-lasting. Remember that using sun tanning bed products while tanning indoors protects your skin from drying by replenishing it the moisture level and nutrients it requires. Sun tanning bed products are specifically formulated to hydrate and repair your skin as it tans – and tanning without these products will not only damage your skin, but also expose you to the harmful and possibly deadly effects of too much UV ray penetration. You must use sun tanning bed products both before and after tanning.

Buying sun tanning bed products

Some salons allow you to bring your own sun tanning bed products, but most discourage it. You can buy sun tanning bed products from them anyway, usually at discounted prices (especially if you are a member). The great thing about buying sun tanning bed products straight from tanning salons is that they give you free advice not only to help you achieve the color you desire, but also to guide you in determining what formulation works best for your skin and what brands protect you against overexposure. Buy sun tanning bed products from tanning salons, and you usually get their expertise for free.

If you have a personal home tanning bed or tanning canopy, though, then you should probably buy your sun tanning bed products from retailers either in department stores or online. It might seem like a great idea to stock up on sun tanning bed products when they are on sale (or when you can get them for half the price if you buy bulk), but think again. Remember that like all body products, sun tanning bed products have expiration dates, and are only effective when they are still fresh. The bulk discount programs from sun tanning bed products are really designed for tanning salons that finish up hundreds of bottles a month – not for individual users. So think twice before you hoard a year's supply of sun tanning bed products – they just might already be stale by the time you get to use them.


You must use other protective equipment such as tanning goggles together with sun tanning bed products. If the tanning salon does not encourage you to use these two products, then leave immediately. Your health is ultimately your responsibility. Be discriminating when you choose a tanning salon – patronize only those that follow responsible tanning salon practices.