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Tanning Bed Bulbs and Lotion at Tanning Bed Central

Looking for a one-top shop where you can buy tanning bed bulbs and lotion? We recommend Mastertanning.Com, which carries a wide array of tanning products for everything you will ever need. From tanning hardware to tanning skin products, Mastertanning.Com has it all. Ready to go shopping? Let us take you on a tour.

On the shelf

Mastertanning.Com specializes in top caliber tanning bed bulbs and lotion. Among the lamps it carries are Bronzing Sun Family lamps, Dark Tan and Dark Tan Plus lamps, Velocity, Velocity Extreme and Velocity Plus lamps, and specialized face tanner lamp. When it comes to lotions, this site only carries the top sellers. You will find brands such as Columbian Hemp, European Gold, Attitude, Australian Gold, Body Drench, Bronzing Boutique, Colorology, Designer Skin, Essence, Fiesta Sun, Fiji Blend, Hoss Sauce, Pro Tan, Splash, Supre, Swedish Beauty, and Synergy Tan among many others.

But Mastertanning.Com does not stop at providing tanning bed bulbs and lotion. They also carry high-performance tanning beds at every performance and price range. Most of the brands it carries have the revolutionary air-flow cooling system that is designed to make tanning sessions much more comfortable. The beds are also very cost-efficient – they are engineered to multiply the effects of tanning bed bulbs and lotion. Most of them have reflectors that are specially angled in tunnel-like interiors to enhance the UV power of tanning bed bulbs and lotion, making them more effective than other tanning beds that other merchants carry.

Aside from beds, tanning bed bulbs, and lotion, Mastertanning.Com also sells tanning bed replacement or add-on parts, tanning signs (for commercial tanning salons), and even tanning bed manuals. You can even buy pillows, sanitizers, spray tan kits, tanning apparel, and eye protection.

How to buy

Whether you want to tanning bed bulbs and lotion or other tanning peripherals, you must first create a membership account. Tanning salon owners who want to buy bulk or want to avail of special prices need to sign up, too. The online application usually takes about 24 hours to get approved, because they do some background check (especially on tanning salons). Once your application is approved, you can already start ordering tanning bed bulbs and lotion and other products online.


Request for products

Mastertanning.Com already carries a wide variety of tanning bed bulbs and lotion, but they continually want to expand their merchandise. You are encouraged to write or call them if you want to buy tanning bed bulbs and lotion or other products that you do not see in their site. They will try to get it for you.

Financing help

What's more, Mastertanning.Com gives full financing support both for home tanners and commercial salons. Just click on either the ‘Residential Finance Application' or ‘Business Finance Application' on their main page if you want to apply online. You can also apply through fax. Application and approval times vary depending on the amount of financing you need and how fast you complete the documentary requirements.

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