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Tanning bed cleaners

One of your main concerns as a tanning salon operator should be hygiene. Many people use your tanning beds everyday –it is your duty to make sure that the beds are ‘fresh' for the next user, every time. That is why you should use tanning bed cleaners to disinfect your tanning beds regularly. Your clients will thank you for it.

What tanning bed cleaners work best?

In the many years I have spent working in the tanning salon industry, I have used so many tanning bed cleaners. I have two personal favorites – the Sun Master tanning bed cleaner, and the Lucasol Tanning Bed Cleaner Concentrate. I am not saying that these are the two best brands in the market today, but they certainly worked when I tried them.

The Sun Master tanning bed cleaner. A 16-ounce bottle of this cleaner can already make more tan 20 gallons of disinfectant fungicide -- and I say that at $22, that's a pretty good steal. Sun Master tanning bed cleaners are double-concentrated for more cleansing power. It is recognized by the FDA as an effective cleanser, and is compliant with and even exceeds the FDA-set requirements in all 50 states.

In fact, these tanning bed cleaners are so effective that they are also used in hospitals and restaurants. Just change the water/solution ratio based on your cleaning needs. I personally put two caps of this concentrate in a quart sprayer, which I fill with water. If you want a more intensive cleaning action (to kill salmonella and other though bacteria), then use the recommended ratio – 78 ounces of concentrate to one gallon of water. Sun Master tanning bed cleaners come with a ‘Material Safety Data Sheet' that you can consult to find put how much you should use.

The Lucasol Tanning Bed Cleaner Concentrate. I personally use Lucasol tanning bed cleaners when Sun Master is not available because it also has the same cleansing power, and applies just as easily. Lucasol cleans, disinfects, shines, and deodorizes your tanning beds in one simple wipe because it is very strongly concentrated. The recommended ratio is about 2 ounces of Lucasol concentrate per one gallon of water.

Lucasol is very affordable, too. It retails regularly for about $29, but I am always able to find these tanning bed cleaners in online shops for much less – as low as $14 (wholesale price).

Special tanning bed cleaners

Exerts advise that you buy specially-formulated tanning bed cleaners every tow years. The cleaners have stronger disinfecting concentration and usually come in a kit with other cleaning products formulated to recondition the acrylics to make them look and work like brand new sets. They say that using specially-formulated tanning bed cleaners increases UV transmission by about 20 percent to as much as 4o percent. Translation? These specially-formulated tanning bed cleaners help extend the life of your tanning bed lamps and help you and your clients get more tanning power during each session.

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