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Things to look for when buying home tanning bed replacement parts

A wise consumer identifies his needs and then finds the most cost-effective way to acquire them. So if you are a prudent tanner, then you must first know the things to look for when buying home tanning bed replacement parts before you go shopping. This article will explain what parts of your tanning bed you need to replace regularly and when, so you only pay for what you really need.

Parts to watch out for

Like all other electronic equipment, tanning beds will eventually deteriorate and you need home tanning bed replacement parts to bring them back to life. The tanning bed has three parts that need regular replacement -- the lamps, the fan, and the acrylic shields.

Replacing lamps. Quality lamps last for 1,000 tanning hours, but there are cheaper versions that can only go for about 700 hours. Ask the manufacturer how long you should wait before the lamps burn out and you need to replace them. Home tanning bed replacement parts such as lamps are best purchased through wholesale companies because they can usually offer the most reasonable prices, especially when you purchase the minimum volume (usually set at 16).

Replacing fans. The fans built-in to your home tanning beds may stop working after a while. Sometimes, the problem is just the wiring and you can easily call in a repairman to fix it. However, if it cannot be repaired, then you need to visit a store that retails home tanning bed replacement parts. You can either install the replacement fan replacement yourself by tweaking with a few screws, or call in a technician to professionally install it for you.

Replacing acrylic shields. Acrylic shields are one of the more expensive home tanning bed replacement parts that you may need. You know you need to plug in a new sheet when the one on your bed is scratched, allowing an unhealthy amount of both heat and UV rays to seep through. Never undermine the dangerousness of a scratched acrylic sheet – it could put your or your customers' lives in danger. Replace them immediately. You can try to order acrylic shields wholesale, but you will usually only need one, so you may have to pay retail.

Other parts. You may also need to replace your pistons, lamp sockets, starters, igniters, capacitors, and ballasts on a regular basis. These home tanning bed replacement parts are widely available from almost all online distributors. Be sure to read the instruction manual that came with your bed before you order these home tanning bed replacement parts, though, because you probably need exact model numbers and other specifications in order to buy compatible parts.



Buying home tanning bed replacement parts comes with owning a tanning bed. Your bed may be durable and well-constructed, but you still have to deal with maintenance issues over the course of your bed's life. Certain home tanning bed parts are simply prone to wear and tear, and some have a fixed life. Remember never to scrimp when you buy home tanning bed replacement parts. Replacing the original parts with cheaper versions may prove to be counter-productive in the long run. Cheap imitations can cause trigger damage, forcing you to spend more.