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Wholesale Tanning Supplies - Best Places to Buy

Wholesale tanning supplies are now available on the internet, thanks to many distributors who have taken their business online. But as in all purchase transactions, buying wholesale tanning supplies subjects you, the buyer, to certain terms and conditions. The policies vary from one distributor to another, but there are some general guidelines you need to be familiar with it before you buy. Here are some of them.

Pricing policies. While online distributors of wholesale tanning supplies say that they do the best they can to maintain the listed pricing, it is still common to see price tags of tanning supplies fluctuate within days – sometimes even hours. Unpredictable market conditions force distributors of wholesale tanning supplies to change their prices even without notice to customers.

Payment methods. Most online distributors of wholesale tanning supplies accept major credit cards, corporate or personal checks, certified cheques, and PayPal (in some countries). The safest way to pay for wholesale tanning supplies is still the credit card, because credit cards laws have been in put firmly in place and you will be more protected by federal policies if something goes wrong. Checks are especially tricky. They can easily get lost, and distributors of wholesale tanning supplies usually wait for it to clear first before they ship the supplies to you. This could take a while.

Some online wholesalers of tanning supplies require you to pay a minimum deposit using any of the payment methods mentioned above before they start assembling the tanning equipment you ordered. Be sure to check with them about this policy.

Return and cancellation policy. In most cases, online distributors of wholesale tanning supplies implement an ‘all sales are final' policy. If you change your mid halfway and want to cancel your orders, they will probably charge you a ‘restocking' fee (about 20 to 25 percent of the price of the items you ordered). Most online distributors of wholesale tanning supplies are also strictly implement return polices. They will only accept the items back if they made the error, and even then, you still have to secure a pre-authorized code from their customer service section. Do not open or use the items if you think they made a mistake. Most distributors of wholesale tanning supplies only accept items still in their original packaging. If you suspect that the item many have been damaged during shipping, notify the delivery man immediately and do not sign any acceptance sheet.

Delivery policies. How fast online distributors can deliver wholesale tanning supplies depends a lot on the season and the number of orders. Supplies such as lotions, small tanning bed parts, etc., are usually shipped the day after your payment clears, but items that need assembly take two to three weeks. This is what's frustrating about buying deliver wholesale tanning supplies online. Hundreds of factors can affect the delivery time –availability, manufacturer backlog, weather, etc. Most distributors of deliver wholesale tanning supplies cannot guarantee when they can deliver, and only give estimates. If you want to receive your merchandise faster, you can pay extra for special carriers.