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Wolff Tanning Bed Parts - Distributors & Retailers

Finding parts for Wolff tanning beds

Finding parts for Wolff tanning beds is easier now than ever before because Wolff has expanded its network of distributors and licensees. You can order Wolff tanning bed add-ons and replacement parts wherever you are in North America and in some parts of the world. Below is a list of some Wolff distributors and licenses to help make finding parts for Wolff tanning beds a lot faster.

Wolff licensees

Can-Tan Sun Systems. This company has been around for more than 23 years, and still continues to lead the Canadian tanning industry because of its superb customer service team. Customers keep coming back to their friendly and very knowledgeable staff. They certainly make finding parts for Wolff tanning beds effortless.

Heartland Tanning Supplies, Inc. Heartland Tanning has been one of the country's leading distributor and manufacturer of tanning supplies, and for a very good reason – they offer the best line of products at the most reasonable prices. The company is also known for its friendliness even to smaller buyers. In fact, it recently launched its Pick 'n Pass System for buyers with smaller requirements – something that should make finding parts for Wolff tanning beds faster and more convenient for the small tanning salon owner or the home tanner.

PC Marketing. PC Marketing is strategically located in Ridgefield , New Jersey to service the East Coast tanning market.

SonnenBräune. This company has a comprehensive supply of parts for Wolff tanning beds in its 40,000 square foot manufacturing and showroom facility in Ringgold , Georgia . It has been in business for more than 15 years.

Wolff distributors

Amerisun. Amerisun has been in business since 1981 and has continued to provide parts for Wolff tanning beds while maintaining close working relations with thousands of clients. Its edge over other distributors is its extensive support network, from engineering and design to finance and business, to marketing and distribution, and to service and customer support. It is also located in Georgia .

Australian Gold. Probably one of the most recognizable names in the tanning industry, Australian Gold is a proud distributor of parts for Wolff tanning beds. There are three ways to buy from them – you can either visit them at Indianapolis , call their toll-free hotline at 1-877-783-5685, or order from them online at

Exotic Tanning. Four Seasons is a leading international distributor of parts for Wolff tanning beds. They support countries in Asia, Europe, and the Pacific Rim . Exotic Tanning's excellent international shipping facility makes gives them an unrivaled edge.

Future Industries. Future Industries has one of the most fully stocked tanning supply warehouses. They carry not only parts for Wolff tanning beds, but also of the world-renowned Dr Muller tanning equipment, tanning booths by Sun Capsule, and even Legacy leg tanners. But what really sets Future Industries apart from other distributors is its full range of training and support programs for people who want to go into the tanning business or expand the tanning business they already have. They offer services such as tanning salon layout, software support, demographic and feasibility studies, and tanning equipment return on investment analysis, among many others.

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