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The main advantages of a vertical tanning bed

People are turning to indoor tanning for efficiency, privacy and availability throughout all the cold months when a natural beach is not an option any more. Traditional tanning beds are tanning systems in which the user lies down and then shuts the top right over him. However, this traditional tanning bed can be a real problem if you are claustrophobic. If that's the case, you will have to go for a vertical indoor tanning bed because this type of system will provide you with a quite comfortable alternative.

Vertical indoor tanning is ideal for you if you are among all the tanning-enthusiasts who desperately want the deepest tan regardless of the season and , if possible, in the shortest period of time. A vertical tanning bed has stronger tanning lamps – this means that the UV rays will be penetrating your skin faster and even with a greater intensity. So, only after a couple of tanning sessions, you will be provided with an even tan that can be already apparent. Since it is so fast, you can consider having a vertical tanning bed in your home especially if you need a quick base tan before you go on your vacations. Also, a vertical tanning bed is ideal if you want to get a quick and gorgeous tan in order to compliment your attire for special events.

Another advantage when it comes to using a vertical tanning bed regards your hygiene. Although a lay-down bed is supposed to be maintained and cleaned soon after someone has left it, it may become a problem in the tanning salons where people use the same bed in a frequent way. Since there are plenty of people who prefer to tan without wearing anything on them, this may become a real issue when it comes to personal hygiene. So, a vertical tanning bed is to be regarded as a more hygienic solution and all you will have to do is to wear a simple pair of sandals in order to guarantee a proper personal hygiene.

When tanning in a vertical bed, you will be able to move quite freely - for instance, you will be able to raise your arms in order to get an even tan in those particular areas. The lamps that are used in a vertical tanning bed come with a special reflector that can spread all the UV rays more evenly. This way, a vertical tanning bed provides a better quality tan. Vertical tanning beds have no pressure points – for instance, when tanning on an horizontal tanning bed, you may notice that the areas of your body that touch the surface of the bed are likely to be less tanned. However, vertical tanning beds has a con as well. The only real disadvantage when tanning in a vertical bed is the fact that you can get tired quite easily. Also, you can find your tanning session quite boring due to the fact that you have to stand up while getting the tan you want. However, this so-called disadvantage is to be regarded as a matter of personal choice and preference.