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What do you know about the two main models of home tanning beds?

Every kind of indoor tanning system is provide with lamps that are used in order to provide the necessary amount of UV lights. So, when you are interested to purchase an used or brand new tanning bed, start by looking at the tanning lamps. Just make sure that they meet all your tanning needs together with the FDA guidelines for the user' s safety. You should also make sure that the tanning lamps are easily accessible in order to perform the necessary routine maintenance right at your home. Buying the right replacements for your tanning bed lamps is also important and you will have to pay attention to several differences in both conventional and high pressure tanning beds. This aspect is essential because the tanning lamps are not interchangeable. So, you will have to check the model of your tanning bed in order to make sure you will know the exact type of tanning lamps you need for it.

  • High pressure tanning beds are designed to use a special variety of quarts lamps that can hold the gases with a pressure that is higher than the natural one found in the atmosphere. The high pressure lamps will be either below or above you. They may be located right at the top of your tanning bed in order for you to be able to tan your whole body from above. In this case, you will have to turn over after 4 to 13 minutes of tanning in order to have your tanning session completed. But keep in mind that the length of your tanning session will depend on your skin type. As the high pressure lamps are installed only on the top of your high pressure tanning bed, the whole surface of this bed will become more comfortable when compared to its conventional counterpart. With just a few tanning sessions, you will achieve the gorgeous tan you want to have – this will happen after 1 or 2 weeks. Maintaining this gorgeous tan will become a less daunting task and you can achieve the wanted results with just 2 or 3 tanning session on a monthly basis, after your basic tan has already been achieved.

Compared to a conventional bed, a high pressure tanning system will provide you with the tan you want in a shorter period of time. When using a conventional tanning bed, you will need at least 1 tanning session per week in order to maintain your initial tan. Another bonus brought by a high pressure tanning bed is the fact that its lamps do not use the UVB rays. UVB rays are the main responsible for possible painful burns. Instead, a high pressure tanning bed will come with lamps that make good use of UVA lights only.

  • A conventional tanning bed makes use of fluorescent and long tube like lamps that are installed on the bottom and top of the tanning bed. With a conventional tanning bed, you will not have to pay attention in order to change positions all the time because both sides of your body will be tanned during your tanning sessions and this will happen at the same time. However, a conventional tanning bed uses UVB and UVA rays in varying degrees.  It is important for you to know the exact type of tanning bed you want to have in your home because this matter is important when planning to replace the tanning lamps. It is really important to manage to replace the older tanning lamps with the same kind of lamps and make sure that there is a perfect balance between UVB and UVA lights. Keep in mind that too much UVB light is not what your skin needs. On the contrary, you should make sure that your skin gets more UVA rays instead.


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