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Pamper yourself with hemp indoor tanning lotion

If you are really in all sorts of skin care products, you should not make an exception when it comes to choosing an indoor tanning lotion with a special ingredient that boost the effects of the whole formula – hemp. Hemp oil is the new buzz ingredient in the present beauty industry. This oil is extremely rich in antioxidants and this is one of the main reasons why it has been included in the formula of quality indoor tanning lotions. Hemp oil is the key word that makes a tanning lotion different and more efficient when compared to other tanning lotions that do not contain it. It has humectant properties that can provide your skin with the ultimate levels of hydration when undergoing an indoor tanning regimen. Actually, this genuine power to hydrate is linked to this oil's ability to pull all the necessary moisture right from the air.

Hemp oil is used in combination with copper and Vitamin E in order to increase the efficiency of  indoor tanning lotions. A formula based on Vitamin E, copper and hemp oil will provide your skin with a hydrated and smooth feel because this particular mixture forms a quite powerful chemical bond that can guarantee maximum effects. The higher content of fatty acids will seal the moisture and reduce all the possible damaging effects of the indoor tanning sessions. A tanning lotion based on hemp oil will also counteract the well known drying effect of indoor tanning on your skin. Plus, the presence of hemp oil and Vitamin E will prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles thus providing your skin with a fresher and softer texture.

So, if you are already tired of all the side effects of your common tanning moisturizer, you should switch to a tanning lotion that has hemp oil in its formula. A  hemp tanning lotion will moisturize your skin and protect the skin cells from being destructed during your indoor tanning sessions or by all the harsh chemicals that are usually found in the formula of common tanning lotions. Also, hemp can amplify your tan and make it look darker and more natural. This effect is caused by the natural oils that are to be found in hemp – these oils have the genuine ability to increase the intensity of the UV lights that will be penetrating your skin as soon as you apply your tanning lotion.

Plus, your skin will become healthier too because hemp oil is rich in essential nutrients that cannot be found in other common indoor tanning lotions. Keep in mind that you need to apply your hemp tanning lotion at least 1 hour before exposing yourself to the UV lights from your indoor tanning system. By doing this, you will help your skin absorb the necessary nutrients before the indoor tanning process starts.