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The 3 main types of tanning lotions you should consider

If you are interested to develop a natural tan or you want to maintain such a tan by using a tanning bed, you should also consider using indoor tanning lotions in order to get the wanted results. At the start of every indoor tanning regimen, you must choose a bronzer in order to get the necessary base tan. Within just 1 or 2 weeks, you will see some dramatic results in your tan, results that will complement the tan you get from your tanning bed. Also, you can go for indoor tanners that are designed to provide particular sensations that will enhance the time you are going to spend in your tanning bed.

For instance, you can choose to use a sizzler – a sizzler lives up to its name thanks to the way it feels and sounds when applied on your skin. However, you should know that such a sizzle lotion is to be used only if you already have a fully developed tan because this type of lotion can cause redness otherwise. You might also prefer another type of lotion, namely a cooling one that can make the longer tanning sessions more bearable. In addition to an indoor tanning lotion, you can use a skin cream that can soothe you soon after every tanning session is complete. By managing to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, you will develop a great and natural tan without facing any side effects.

Here are the main three types of indoor tanning bed lotions you can choose from in order to get and maintain a naturally looking tan: regular lotions, tingle lotions and bronzers. Each of these lotions has slightly different functions – each of them was developed to provide the user with a different look and feeling during and after each tanning session.

  • Standard or regular lotions are the most common ones when it comes to using a tanning bed. Also, they are among the cheapest products but this shouldn’t make you believe that these products stink. On the contrary, you might be surprised to find out that some of the most popular and quality indoor tanning lotions fall right into this regular category. An indoor tanning lotion is considered to be a regular one if its formula doesn’t contain tingle or extra bronzing ingredients. A regular indoor tanning lotion contains a wide variety of active ingredients for extra protection and skin moisture. Anti-aging qualities are also included in the formula of a regular indoor tanning lotion. Once you decide a regular tanning lotion is what you are looking for, you will have to apply it before you get in your tanning bed. After your tanning session is complete, you will have to take a shower in order to rinse your regular lotion off – take a shower as soon as possible in order to remove the lotion because all its work has been done while you are in your tanning bed.
  • Bronzers contain some extra special ingredients that are added to their formula in order to provide the user’s skin with a darker and extra deep tone. Nowadays, such bronzer lotions are extremely popular because they can help users to get a dark tan in a shorter period of time, thus reducing the time spend in the tanning bed. However, you should pay attention to the fact that a bronzer will work differently when compared to a regular indoor tanning lotion. You will have to make sure that you use a bronzer in the right way in order to get the results you want to achieve.So, you will have to apply the bronzer right before every tanning session but you must not rinse it off for 3-4 hours (at least) after the tanning session is complete. Sometimes, you may need to keep the lotion for more than 8 hours in order to get the wanted effects.  The bronzer is still hard at work even if your tanning session is complete – this is the main reason why you will end up with a stronger and darker tan when compared to the one provided by a regular lotion.
  • Tingle lotions are like regular lotions but their formula contain extra active ingredients that will provide you with a tingly feeling during and after the tanning session is complete. The tingle effect is all about reminding you that your lotion works in the right way. Some tingle lotions may come with ingredients that provide you with a darker tan too.