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Tips on choosing a good indoor tanning lotion

Indoor tanning lotions are the solution to the dermatological dilemma raised by the question whether is is safe to tan on a tanning bed or not. Such indoor tanning lotions have been engineered in order to maximize all the wanted results of your indoor tanning sessions. An indoor tanning lotion contains some essential nutrients that are necessary for achieving a deep and natural tan. Even if a tanning lotion may seem to be an expensive item, it can actually save you money and time by providing you with the best tan in fewer indoor tanning sessions.

Moisturizing ingredients are also packed in the formula of an indoor tanning lotion. Keep in mind that having a moisturized skin can help you tan faster and better. The active ingredients of the indoor tanning solution can supplement the natural cells of the skin. These ingredients provide the same proteins that are used in order to enhance the natural tanning process. One of the main active ingredients used in the formula of tanning lotion is Tyrosine, an ingredient that can enhance the production of melanin.

Indoor tanning lotions were designed in order to help you counteract all the drying effects of light and heat associated with the tanning process. They also keep skin young, healthy and supple. For instance, the latest dermatological technology has already developed tanning lotions that include antioxidants in their formula in order to prevent the nasty wrinkles and fine lines. Keep in mind that a quality tanning lotion will also moisturize your skin. A quality tanning lotion will come with quality ingredients that will nourish your skin and replenish all its lost moisture. Plus, a quality tanning lotion will soothe and firm your skin as well. You can boost the effects of a tanning lotion by using a moisturizer and an after tan lotion between all your tanning sessions in order to improve  and maintain the good condition of your skin.

Good tanning lotions will prevent your skin from being damaged by UV rays. For instance, some antioxidant ingredients such as grapefruit extract and Vitamin E will help your skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The premature aging of your skin will be prevented. By using quality tanning lotions, you will be able to shorten your future tanning sessions because you will be tanning faster. Here are some quality and highly efficient active ingredients you should look for when interested to purchase an indoor tanning lotion

  • Methyl Nicotinate because it can accelerate your tanning process
  • Antioxidant ingredients
  • Natural plant extracts such as aloe or coconut
  • Natural plant extracts and essential oils that can nourish and moisturize your skin. 

When choosing an indoor tanning lotion, you should pay attention to your present level of tanning experience and skin tone. Keep in mind that most products are likely to be labeled for a particular level of tanning and skin type. For instance, some tanning lotions were intended just for advanced tanning. Do not use such products if you are a total beginner or you have a very fair skin. By doing this, you can actually cause damage to your skin.



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