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Why do I experience a tingling sensation after applying my indoor tanning lotion?

If you have never used an indoor tanning lotion before, you may be quite surprised and even concerned when you first apply such a lotion. This is likely to happen mainly because the indoor tanning lotion may create a sort of tingling sensation on your skin. The specific tingle of an indoor tanning lotion is caused by various chemicals that are usually added to the formula of the lotion. Such additives are used in order to stimulate your natural production of melanin. The color of your skin is produced in the form of melanin which is brought to your skin surface by the blood.

The ingredients that are used in an indoor tanning lotion stimulate your blood flow and make it faster as soon as you expose your body to UV rays. This will provide you with the dark skin tone you love. The specific tingle produced by an indoor tanning lotion can vary immensely between different users. For instance, some users may complain that the indoor tanning lotion burns their skin whereas other persons may experience no tingling sensations whatsoever, even if they are using the exact same product.

However, you may rest assured because the tingling is rarely uncomfortable and isn't painful either. You should not be afraid of this tingling sensation because it does not affect your health. The tingling sensation is related to the natural process that takes place when the indoor tanning lotion you have applied on your body is activated by the UV rays of a tanning bed. Also, some tanning lotions are more tingling than others. The main reason why this happens is the fact that a tanning lotion may have a formula that works in a different way in order to increase your melanin level and help you get the tan you want. A tanning lotion designed to stimulate your blood flow will make you feel the tingling sensation while a tanning lotion that simply has melanin in its formula will not make you experience a tingling sensation.

Plus, the exact amount of tingling sensations is likely to depend on your body chemistry. For instance, your natural ability to experience the nerve sensations and your increased blood flow will affect the tingling sensations you may experience or not during your tanning sessions and after applying the tanning lotion. However, you should also know that a tingling tanning lotion isn't for every user. A tingling tanning lotion may not be the best solution for a total beginner when it comes to tanning indoors. Its effects may be extremely beneficial when you already have a base tan and you want a darker tone for your skin.

Keep in mind that you can use a tingling tanning lotion only if you have already developed a strong base tan in order to avoid any side effects. When using a tingling tanning lotion for the first time, you might experience some of the following side effects – you may experience a burning sensation on your skin or your skin may turn blotchy or reddish. However, you should not worry about these side effects because they are likely to go away within a couple of hours. Use just a small amount of tingling tanning lotion when you apply this type of product for the first time. Also, you can try mix it with another tanning lotion. Next, you should increase the amount of tanning lotion each time you enter the indoor tanning session.


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