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Safety matters in a tanning salon business

Typically, the tanning salon equipment is all about tanning beds and stand-up tanning booths. A stand-up tanning booth allows the client to get a tan while standing up. Tanning bulbs are mounted behind Plexiglas thus safely surrounding the user's body. Most of the stand-up tanning booths feature a special cooling fan and speakers in order to allow the user to listen to some music during his tanning session that can take up to 20 minutes. A stand-up booth has 54, 48 or 60 UV lamps and is made of plastic, steel or wood in order to accommodate a quite large capacity when it comes to comfortably fitting various body types. Tanning beds are available in various size frames too in order to accommodate different body types. A tanning bed is made of steel frames and can feature up to 160 watt tanning bulbs.

All tanning salon equipment will operate on special timing mechanisms that will allow the whole equipment to be operated for a particular and predetermined tanning session. Also, there are some safety cut-off mechanisms built into every type of tanning salon equipment in order to allow every user to quickly power down the equipment he is using in case of malfunction or emergency. With a tanning salon business in your hands, you will have plenty of aspects you need to cover in order to make things go smoothly. Safety is one of this aspects and you will have to make sure that no compromises are made when it comes to guaranteeing your customers' safety. Image


















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By providing your customers with safety, you will make them come over and over again. So, you will have to pay close attention to each of your tanning salon systems in order to make sure it is in a perfect condition. For instance, replacing some older equipment that seems to be wearing out is a wise idea. Also, you should pay attention to the new tanning equipment as well in order to avoid any possible problems. Keep in mind that regular maintenance is likely to help you ensure the fact that you will be dealing with less problems in the future to come. A monthly inspection of each of your tanning systems is a good idea. For instance, you should look at each cord and to every place where your customers have access to. Also, you should check even the knobs in order to make sure that everything is alright.

Cords are likely to become a serious issue once they are placed in such a way that your clients can trip on them. Plus, you should make sure that you have enough safety mechanisms in your tanning salon due to the increased amount of power your facility is using on a regular basis. Each of the tanning areas must have its own shut off button, a button that can be easily accessed by your customers. For your customers' safety, these buttons must be clearly marked and you must not assume that everyone will simply know where these safety buttons can be found. Replacing the tanning bulbs should become a part of your routine too. However, you should know that, when replaced, the tanning bulbs will emit a much more powerful voltage when compared to the old tanning bulbs. So, you will have to let your clients find out about this aspect in order to have their tanning times adjusted accordingly.