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Tips on having a greener tanning salon

Once you decide that  a tanning salon business is what you really need, you will have to be realistic about it and come up with a well planned scheme. One of the major problems when it comes to developing such a business is the tanning equipment you will need and the unbelievable price that may come associated with it. On one hand, every tanning salon owner wants to avoid getting too in debt when purchasing the indoor tanning equipment. On the other hand, he should be perfectly aware that his future customers will want a really wide range of options. Once you fail to offer your future clients the tanning options they are looking for, they will end up somewhere else.

So, you should think carefullyImage about the way you want to approach when planning to purchase the necessary tanning equipment.  You must make sure that you purchase only quality models. So, you will have to take your time and read the available product reviews and find out everything you can about the great buys that are out there on the market.

It is highly recommended to purchase new tanning equipment because new tanning systems will come with warranties. Also, you may go for used tanning systems once you decide to invest less money because used equipment may have plenty of life left in its features.


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Another aspect to be considered when opening a tanning salon business is the atmosphere. Atmosphere really needs to be in place. For instance, if you lag in your customer service, you are very likely to lose customers. Keep in mind that every potential or present customer must feel comfortable and welcomed the minute he/she comes into your salon. Make sure that your customers’ questions are answered in the right way.

Be sure that your staff is really friendly and have patience when it comes to answering all the questions related to indoor tanning. Keep them informed and make sure that they understand that your customer’s time is a really precious commodity to him/her. Another thing you can do in order to attract your potential customers to your tanning salon is to change your plans slightly and come up with a more eco-friendly tanning facility. Even if your indoor tanning systems will still use a high amount of power, you may select various products in order to transform your regular tanning salon into an eco-friendly place. Here are some basic tips on making your tanning facility a greener place for your customers:

  • Start with your utilities because tanning beds are guilty for their tendency to be extremely hard on utilities. So, you may consider having solar generated power in order to ease the constant strain on the necessary power grid. By using solar generated power, you will improve your future utility bills. Even the amount of power your tanning beds consume will be reduced.
  • As for the water used inside your tanning facility, you may get rid of all the traditional water heaters and go for tankless models that can be installed in order to provide the heated water you are using. Plus, you can consider having automatic sensors, eco-friendly toilets and low cost fixtures.
  • The effects of your tanning beds can also be reduced by choosing some eco-friendly products and accessories. Watch for the distance and the amount of packaging of every accessory/product that is shipped to your tanning salon.
  • Go for organic tanning lotions manufactured by green-minded companies because they can be extremely helpful for you, your customers and your environment.
  • You may also eliminate the unnecessary disposable products and try to offer some significant incentives in order to encourage your customers to bring in each of their lotion bottles in order to have them recycled or refilled.