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Better alternatives to standard tanning lamps

A quality tanning booth will make the difference for the tan you get due to its tanning lamps. So, changing the tanning lamps in your residential tanning booth is paramount if you want to customize your tanning experience in order to suit your own skin type and personal taste without facing any risks. By placing the right type of tanning lamps and using the right combination, you can get the results you want from your residential tanning booth. But you will have to start by choosing the right model of tanning lamps.

The UV rays coming from the regular tanning lamps are likely to go out in different directions. These UV rays will reflect off the various areas inside your indoor tanning system and loose their initial power as they go. When they reach your skin, they will be less powerful. This will lead to an uneven tan, longer exposure times and even generally poor results. A reflective tanning bulb/lamp is likely to eliminate this problem because this device has a reflective material that can focus the UV rays in order to go directly towards your skin. Your skin will receive a more even treatment that results in a golden and smoother color that can be achieved in shorter tanning times.

Regular tanning booth bulbs/lamps and even the natural sunlight have all sorts of wavelengths. Some can provide a darker color and Vitamin D while others can make your skin look older. Different wavelengths can cause the reddening of your skin and sunburns too. Regular tanning bulbs/lamps will make your tanning booth use even more power when compared to a tanning booth that has bronzing lamps installed in it. Bronzing bulbs/lamps are designed to provide a darker, deeper and even faster tan, a tan that can be unachievable when tanning with standard lamps/bulbs. The color provided by the bronzing lamps also lasts longer.

Bronzing lamps are designed to provide you with an even and smooth appearance, an appearance that you are less likely to get when using the regular tanning lamps. Also, bronzing lamps can help you save extra energy and money because they are designed to use an unique technology that can lengthen their lifespan in a significant way. Unfortunately, tanning booths come with a bad reputation for causing photo aging and drying skin. Also, they can leave your skin looking unhealthy and prematurely wrinkled. These negative effects are caused by the various types of wavelengths. Your skin is left really thirsty for moisture and nutrients when you expose it to standard tanning lamps. Renewal bulbs/lamps can actually prevent all these negative effects from happening.

They are designed to reverse the potential damage done to your skin by the natural sunlight, regular lamps and pollutants in the environment. Renewal lamps/bulbs emit a red light that can energize your skin and even trigger your body’s natural photo regeneration. The red light goes deeper into your skin and revitalize its dermal layers in order to improve your skin from its inside out.  However, you should keep in mind the fact that such renewal bulbs/lamps will not tan your skin. So, you will have to use them just as a sort of standalone skin treatment or you can combine them with other types of lamps in order to get the tan you want.