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Getting familiar with your tanning bed lights

The power of every quality tanning bed is in its tanning lights/bulbs. Tanning lights are the necessary source of the UV radiations in your tanning bed. But even if tanning lights are among the crucial parts of a tanning bed, owners tend to give less importance to them. The strength of every tanning bed will depend on the intensity of its lights, its type and the number of lights that are used inside its surface. At their turn, tanning bed lights will vary by their intensity of power. For instance, a 20 bulb combination that comes with a higher rating will turn out to be more powerful when compared to a 50 bulb combination that has a lower rating.

The optimum period of time you are going to spend inside your tanning bed will depend on the exact power of your tanning lights but also on the texture, color and photo sensitivity of your skin. So, you will have to consult your personal health care provider in order to find out more about the right amount of exposure that can match the real needs of your skin. Once you become pretty familiar with a tanning bed, you should try and learn more about the way this tanning system works and which of its parts can be easily broken and replaced. Once you get familiar enough with this home tanning system, you will become able to attend to some minor replacements and repairs. For instance, you can change its lights all by yourself and save your money.

The lights installed inside your tanning bed are the ones that create the UV lights your body gets in order to stimulate your natural melanin production and tan. Nowadays, there is a wide range of tanning lights available on the market. However, these tanning lights are already generalized into 2 main groups: the low-pressure lights and the high-pressure ones. A tanning bed light is designed to work and even look much like the ordinary fluorescent bulbs. A tanning bed light emits a low heat that will be relatively cooler to your skin than the one provided by the usual fluorescent bulbs. Tanning bed lights are the perfect alternatives to your outdoor tanning.

The length of a common tanning light is around 72-73 inches. For instance, you can provide yourself with longer or shorter models but such models can be really hard to find on the current market. So, you will have to check whether your tanning bed is fully equipped with 74-inch lights in order to find the right replacement part that is longer than the common sizes available on the market. If your tanning bed is equipped with larger or shorter models of lights, you should contact its manufacturer in order to have these special and necessary parts shipped to you. Also, tanning bed lights may differ when it comes to their connectors. For instance, there are just 2 main types of connectors that can be used with such tanning lights: the RDC connector and the bi-pin connectors.

The bi-pin connector is more popular among users because RDC is more expensive and harder to find. You will have to check the connector the tanning bed lights uses in order to know where to look for a replacement if that’s the case. Keep in mind to always maintain your tanning bed lights in a perfect condition. Check on each of them on a regular basis in order to see whether they need to be replaced or not. Remember that if your tanning bed lights do not function well, your entire home tanning system will be useless.


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