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Have you ever heard of body tanning stickers?

If you are wondering what supplies you will need for your residential tanning bed, you may include tanning body stickers on your list in order to make sure that you will get a marvelous and safe indoor tanning experience. Tanning body stickers come in some rolls of 1000 pieces. They have all sorts of funny designs such as palm trees or bunnies. Such tanning body stickers must be placed on your body prior to every tanning session. In the place where you affix the sticker, you will not get a tan. This way, you will be measuring your tan and how dark it gets after every tanning session. Also, you may use tanning body stickers in order to see how powerful your indoor tanning lotion is.

Such stickers should not be regarded as silly things that can be used only by children because this is not the case. In fact, a tanning bed sticker will help you track your progress when it comes to tanning indoors. The stickers are designed to block all the UV rays that can darken your skin pigmentation thus allowing you to notice how much you have already tanned during one tanning session. If you keep on placing your sticker in the same place on your body, you will be able to monitor your long-term progress.

You may treat your body tanning sticker as a sort of cute tattoo - choose a very eye-catching design and place it on a special zone of your body in order to get extra attention. Since safe indoor tanning is to be regarded as a real gradual process, you will find it quite beneficial to have such a cute way of tracking your whole tanning process, especially if you are keen on tanning in the nude. Nowadays, more and more people treat the tanning stickers as a sort of tattoos. They are regarded as a genuine fashion statement and even as a proof of a particular social status. Tanning stickers can be purchased at almost every tanning salon and display in various areas of your body, similar to the ones where real tattoos are usually placed. Using tanning stickers can be regarded as an interesting way of expressing your true personality and it is also a way to make real fun. Unlike the real tattoos, a tanning sticker is not a permanent thing and it will eventually fade out for good.