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Learn more about tanning bed pillows

A home tanning bed is designed to provide its user with a controlled dose of radiations that can activate the melanin of the skin. However, when one gets inside a tanning bed, he is very likely to lie uneasily unless he uses a tanning bed pillow. A tanning bed pillow can transform the tanning session in a more pleasant and comfortable experience. When on a tanning bed, you will find it difficult to get a comfortable position due to the hard surface of this tanning system. Tanning bed pillows were especially designed in order to take care of the problem. Their design can complement a tanning bed thus providing the user with a comfortable tanning experience without interfering with his indoor tanning.

There are 2 types of tanning bed pillows: the porous foam ones and the polymeric urethane ones. A polymeric urethane pillow has firm contours and it is relatively steady when used. Such a urethane pillow provides a dependable cradle for your whole body thus making your whole indoor tanning a more pleasant experience. However, such a pillow does have a genuine tendency to get brittled after you have exposed it to UV heat on a constant basis. Its structure is a less durable one when compared to its porous foam counterpart.

A tanning bed pillow made of porous foam is known for its durability – such a pillow can be used more often and longer. Even if such a pillow offers you less bodily support, it can withstand UV lights better thus lasting longer when compared to an urethane pillow.  Also, a porous foam pillow is easier to maintain and clean. A tanning bed pillow is designed to cushion the head, shoulders and the upper parts of the body during indoor tanning sessions. This pillow is made to fit into a tanning bed and minimize every type of discomfort – it is cushioned firmly and thick enough in order to prevent possible skin creases that can provide you with an unwanted and uneven tan.

Once you decide that a tanning bed pillow is what you are looking for in order to make your indoor tanning sessions more pleasant, you should look for a pillow that can provide you with maximum support. Keep in mind that a soft headrest and a slight bounce can work out miracles for your tanning experience. You will also have to check whether the pillow can retain its shape even if you are planning to use it on a regular basis. Also, make sure that the pillow you have chosen doesn’t sag when you wash it on a regular basis. Look for pillows that come with durable, heat-resistant and washable fabric covers. For instance, a synthetic or polyester cover will be longer-wearing and more comfortable. Such a cover will also provide you with better insulation.   


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