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Main supplies for your home tanning bed

If you own a home tanning bed, you will have to make sure that you have all the necessary supplies in order to maintain this tanning system in a perfect shape. Here are the main supplies you are going to need for your home tanning bed: 

  • A tanning bed cleaner – this item is a must. For instance, you should use hospital grade type cleaners in order to wipe down the tanning bed right after every use. Some of the most known name brand cleaners are Lucasol, Ultra-Clean and Australian gold. You may choose any of these brand cleaners in order to sanitize the surfaces and acrylic of your home tanning bed. However, you should pay attention to the fact that these special cleaners come in very concentrated forms and you will have to mix them as directed in order to get an efficient cleaning solution. Also, you must make sure that you spray your mixed cleaner right onto the surface of the tanning bed. Let it stand there and wipe it off after one minute.
  • Other important supplies for your tanning bed are the special tanning bed goggles. Keep in mind that you must have your eyes protected when tanning – your eyelids are not enough when it comes to protecting your eyes from ultraviolet lights that can be harmful unless you know how to get the best out of your tanning bed but without damaging your skin. Look for quality goggles that can provide you with the necessary protection from all the ultraviolet lights.
  • The tanning bed pillow is another important supply you should take care of. Remember that you must have your tanning bed pillow changed out on a regular basis once you notice that the material of which the pillow is made has started to crack or harden. For instance, if you notice that the pillow is cracked, you will have to change it immediately because the tanning lotion, sweat and anything else can seep right into these cracks and start to mold inside the pillow. You must make sure that you use a quality tanning bed pillow. A well chosen pillow will complete your basic comprehensive set that include all your necessary tanning bed accessories.The main two types of pillows that are already available on the market are the ones made from porous foam and polymeric urethane pillows. The porous pillow seems to be more popular due to its good durability and easy cleaning. On the other hand, an urethane pillow can provide you with increased body support and firmness.
  • Next, you will need novus scratch remover. Even if this remover is not a genuine necessity, you should purchase one in order to deal with possible scratches on the acrylic of your home tanning bed. Acrylics, namely the plastic surface you lie on, is designed to last anywhere from 2,500 to 3,500 clock hours. Once you notice that stress cracks start to appear on your acrylics, you should consider the future replacement of the whole plastic surface. Even if these stress cracks are not actually real cracks in the plastic surface, you should know that they can absorb lotion, sweat and cleaning lotions. Quite soon, these cracks will become dirty enough to prevent the whole plastic surface from allowing the same level of UV rays to come through. So, the best thing for you to do in this case is to always try and keep some quality and spare acrylics in stock.