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Replacing your tanning bed bulbs

Every tanning bed bulb comes with its specified shelf life. The more a tanning bed bulb is lit in an accumulative number of tanning hours, the less efficient it becomes in providing the user with the wanted tan during his tanning sessions. So, the user will be forced to spend more time in his tanning bed in order to get a normal tan. Replacing the tanning bulbs will help you to reduce the period of time you have to spend in a tanning bed in order to get the wanted tan.

So, if you own a home tanning bed, you will have to replace its bulbs on a regular basis in order for this tanning system to function in an optimum way. You shouldn't wait for your bulbs to be dead before you start replacing them. For instance, even if a tanning bulb may go up to 2,000 hours if it is left intact, yet the bulb will remain optimally effective just for 500 hours. When replacing the tanning bulbs, you must not do this partially because leaving old ones and adding some new ones isn't a wise solution. You have to acknowledge the fact that all the tanning bulbs are to be replaced at the same time and on a regular basis.

There are 2 main reasons why you must have all the tanning bulbs replaced at the same time. First, you will find it easier to follow through on the replacement and you will not be likely to forget where you have some bulbs replaced and where there are more bulbs to be replaced. Secondly, having the tanning bulbs replaced at the same time will help you achieve a more even and healthy tan over your whole body. For instance, changing the tanning bulbs partially is likely to make the skin have a darker tan where the new bulbs have been installed while other parts of your body will remain poorly tanned. By having all the tanning bulbs replaced, you will reduce your future tanning times and make your tanning process even more efficient. This will help you get and maintain the wanted golden tan.

Keep in mind that the replacement costs involved by having all your tanning bulbs replaced at the same time must not be regarded as a reason for delaying the replacement process. Actually, the tanning bulbs are quite cheap and you will not have to spend a fortune on them. Also, you can change the tanning bulbs all by yourself. Determining the exact type of tanning bulbs you need for your bed is the first step.  For instance, you can ask your dealer in order to find out what type and brand of bulbs you need for your tanning bed. Also, you can consult the owner's manual or you can have the necessary pieces of information by getting them off of the tanning bulbs that are currently used in your indoor tanning system. The necessary pieces of information are usually printed near the end of every tanning bulb.

Keep in mind that not all types of bulbs are going to work for every tanning bed. Once you determined the exact type of tanning bulbs you need for your bed, write these pieces of information down and keep them in the safest place in order to use them the next time you notice that you must have your tanning bulbs replaced.