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Tanning Bed Supplies Parts and Accessocories

Opening your own tanning bed salon can be daunting – but do not worry, we are here to spell things out for you. In this short article, you will learn out two things – (a) what tanning bed supplies, parts, and accessories you need to run your salon, and (b) where you can get them.


Shortlist of tanning bed supplies

The market offers a lot of tanning bed supplies, parts, and accessories, and you may get easily overwhelmed if you do not know what you really need. To stay on track, think first of the basics and just ‘expand' as you move along. What's the first essential tanning bed supplies you should stock up on? Tanning lotions.

Tanning lotions come in different formulations for different tanning intensities and tanner skin types. Be sure you have one for every kind of client. Get tanning lotions for people who want intense (very dark) tans, medium tans, and light tans. You should also amass tanning lotions for clients of all tanning levels – from tanning novices to seasoned tanners. One word of caution – unlike other tanning supplies, tanning lotions have expiration dates, so you cannot ‘hoard' them. Buy them weekly or monthly (depending on how fast your salon consumes them) to make sure that your clients get only the freshest bottles every time.

Nest in your tanning bed supplies list are eye goggles and pillows. The eye goggles protect your clients' retina from burning during the tanning process. Never allow clients to tan without them, lest your salon be sued for negligence. You should also provide your clients with pillows to make their tanning session more comfortable.

Lastly, you need extra tanning lamps. Buy your lamps only from authorized dealers of tanning bed supplies, and make sure that they are compatible with your tanning beds. You probably will not be changing your lamps anytime soon (because they usually last for at least 1,000 hours), but it might be good to have some extra in your stockroom in the unlikely (but possible) event that one of the lamps in your beds stop working. Consult with a representative of your tanning bed's manufacturer to find out where you can buy suitable replacement lamps.

Where to buy tanning bed supplies

There are hundreds of tanning supply distributors around the country – all you need is either an internet connection or a phonebook to find them.

Choose a distributor that carries all kinds of tanning bed supplies, parts, and accessories such as tanning bed lamps, acrylics, cylinders, springs, and even add-on tanning bed parts such as timers and ultraviolet meters. Stores with online shops are more convenient to shop in, but those with phone ordering systems (toll-free numbers) will work, too.

Before you buy from any distributor of tanning bed supplies, parts, and accessories, make sure that you have read, understood, and agreed to their replacement, return and warranty policies. Many tanning salon owners undermine the importance of these things, only to find out that their tanning supply investments are not protected when something goes wrong.

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