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Top tips on purchasing the right replacement tanning bulbs

Once you invest in a residential tanning bed, you will have to learn more about replacing the tanning bulbs once they are not functioning anymore. Most of the tanning bulbs can be interchanged. However, you should consult the user's manual first in order to make sure that this is the case with your tanning bulbs. The most common approach when it comes to replacing your tanning bulbs is to order them straight through the tanning bed manufacturer. But keep in mind that this option is likely to be the most expensive one, even if it also means less hassle for you.

One of the most important matters when looking for replacement tanning bulbs is their quality. The most highly recommended brands are Cosmedico, Voltarc and Wolff Sytem. Keep these three names in your mind when looking for replacement tanning bulbs because quality is guaranteed in their case even if these brands come with higher prices as well. Having high quality and superior tanning bulbs will let you get a perfect and natural looking tan.

The best practice when it comes to replacing your tanning bulbs is to do this at regular intervals in order to guarantee the best indoor tanning sessions. So, you should make sure that you have your tanning bulbs replaced every 500 hours of continuous use. Even if your residential tanning bed is not designed to count the exact number of hours, you can estimate this number by yourself in order to decide whether it's high time for you to replace your tanning bulbs or not. For instance, if you use your residential tanning bed for just 20 minutes per day, a set of tanning bulbs will last you about 3 or 4 years. If you are planning to use your tanning bed for more than 20 minutes per day, you will have to get the tanning bulbs replaced every 500 days.However, it will all depend on the present quality of the tanning bulbs you are using.
















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Once you notice that their effectiveness is diminishing, you should go ahead and have them replaced. Keep in mind that tanning bulbs reach their highest effectiveness during their first 200 hours of use. They will decline in effectiveness until they burn out for good. Here are some tips for you to consider when looking for replacement tanning bulbs.

  • First, you should try and purchase them brand new because used bulbs are likely to be sold only after they have already been used for their most effective 200 hours. So, even if new tanning bulbs will cost more, you may rest assured that your initial investment will be paid off.
  • Secondly, you should purchase the tanning bulbs suggested by the manufacturer of your residential tanning bed. Keep in mind that your residential tanning bed was designed with particular specifications in mind and the manufacturer may have its own product recommendations when it comes to replacing parts. So, you should follow all the recommendations provided by the manufacturer in order to keep your residential tanning bed in an optimal working condition.
  • You may also consider buying an UV light meter in order to measure the exact output of your tanning lamps in an accurate way. Once the tanning bed bulbs output is not an effective one anymore, you will be alerted by the UV meter in order to replace the tanning bulbs.

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