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Consider eye protection during each of your tanning sessions

Wearing proper eye protection is a wise idea when undergoing an indoor tanning regimen. Just putting a towel on your yes or closing them is not enough when it comes to protecting your eyes from the possible damaging effects of the UV rays emitted by the tanning lamps. Here are some short term effects for you to consider if you are not keen enough on wearing your eye protection during each of your indoor tanning sessions.

Keeping your eyes closed when tanning on a bed isn’t enough. Even if you will notice no significant/visible damage to your eyes or any blurred vision, your eyes will be damaged by the UV rays unless you wear the special eye goggles. Keep in mind that your eyelids may protect your eyes against only 20% of all the rays that are emitted by the tanning lamps. So, you should consider wearing some special eye goggles in order to prevent short term damages that include red and itchy eyes, puffy eyelids, sun burn on your eyelids or watery eyes. Each of these negative effects may be prevented by wearing goggles that can protect you from the UV rays emitted by the tanning lamps.

Remember that the human eyelid is likely to be too sensible and thin to protect your eyes when it comes to ultraviolet radiations – merely closing your eyes during your tanning session will not provide you with enough safety and protection. Without wearing any eye goggles, you may end up with severe retinal damage, burns to your cornea and cataracts. Your eyes may be one of the body parts that can heal easily but you should make sure that wearing eye goggles during each of your indoor tanning sessions is a high priority.

Also, there are some long term effects as well if you don't wear proper eye protection. For instance, not wearing eye goggles may cause a long-term damage to eyesight. The UV rays emitted by the tanning lamp can cause a temporary loss of sight or blurred vision unless you wear your eye goggles. Over time, you may even develop macular degeneration, conjunctivitis and cataracts. Not to mention that you are very likely to get wrinkles around your eye areas. However, the major concern that is related to not wearing the proper eye protection during each indoor tanning session is the malignant melanoma also known as the cancer of the eye.

People tend to believe that indoor UV lights are not so harmful when compared to sunlight. But this isn’t the case. Actually, the intensity of all the UV rays that are used in indoor tanning systems is more destructive to the human eyes. This is the main reason why you should wear eye goggles during each of your indoor tanning sessions. However, you must make sure that you aren’t settling for just any type of eye goggles. Choose a pair of goggles that have the proper UV protection. Next, you should make sure that the goggles you have chosen fit properly on your face in order not to allow light to seep in. Once you notice that any lights gets through your eye goggles, you must adjust their strap in order to keep UV lights out. Still, if this problem persists, you should change your pair or go for wraparound frames.

In order to prevent “raccoon eyes” from appearing on your face, you should make proper use of your self-tanning eye lotion. Prevent yourself from making a costly mistake – do not remove your eye protection in order to have your eyelids tanned. A prolonged exposure to tanning lamps can cause permanent or severe damage that can include even blindness. Remember not to wear any contact lenses during your indoor tanning session. By wearing them, you will expose yourself to possible infection and irritation because an indoor tanning system can actually dry out your contact lenses and even damage them for good. Lastly, you must prevent yourself from staring directly at the indoor tanning lamps/bulbs while tanning.