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Health concerns when using a tanning bed

A tanning bed is a great alternative to outdoor tanning mainly because you can tan all year around. But there are some health concerns you should consider in order to stay safe when entering any indoor tanning regimen. Using your tanning bed should be a relaxing, enjoyable and pleasant activity and you can make sure that everything will be all right by following the next health precautions. They are easy and quick to follow:

Before exposing your body to the tanning bed lights, you should establish your present tan level and find out everything you can about the way your skin can react to a sun exposure. For instance, if your skin is prone to being burned and become freckled after every sun exposure, you should determine the right period of time you can expose yourself to the tanning bed lights. Once you know everything about the way your skin tans, you will be able to come up with the right tanning regimen for you and stay burn free.

Another health concern you should consider is your eye protection. It is essential for you to wear quality eye goggles that are especially designed for this purpose. Tanning goggles are small enough in order to minimize every sort of tan lines you might get from wearing them during your indoor tanning sessions. Tanning bed goggles come with dark and small lenses. However, you should keep your eyes closed even if you are wearing them in order to get the best protection while wearing them.

Also, it’s a wise idea for you to apply quality tanning lotion before each of your tanning sessions. Keep in mind that a well moisturized and exfoliated skin will be provided with a more even and richer tan. When you begin your indoor tanning regimen, you must start by having just a few tanning sessions. These sessions must be shorter as well. You will have to gradually work up to some longer tanning sessions in order to get the tan you want. This piece of advice is to be followed in order to establish the necessary base tan that will keep you safe from burns.  You must start with the smallest doses of radiations in order to help your skin build up a base tan without being burned.

Once you managed to get an even and nice tan, you may go for longer tanning sessions and keep on working on getting darker and darker shades for your skin. Or you can simply go for maintaining the beautiful base tan you have already acquired. Another thing you should do is to wipe down your tanning bed before and after each of your tanning sessions. By cleaning your bed, you can make sure that are no bacteria or germs left behind from other family members who are using your tanning bed too.You can do this by using a special cleanser that can be sprayed all over the tanning bed. Keep in mind that using cleaning products based on alcohol will crack the acrylic of the tanning bed and give you tons of problems later on.