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How to choose a quality tanning bed at a salon

When planning to undergo a tanning regimen at a tanning salon, you should remember the fact that not all the tanning salons you lay your eyes on are likely to be the same. You must be pretty conscious about this fact in order to safeguard your own health and safety. Even if you are very interested to get the deep golden color you have always dreamed of, you should also make sure that you are safe when on a tanning bed at a salon, get all the information you may need in order to make a wise choice and make sure that you are well treated when entering a tanning salon. Also, you will have to get your appointment time honored.

General information about a tanning salon is required in order for you to get the best out of your tanning sessions and without facing any risks. Even if a tanning bed uses UV rays similar to the ones emitted by the sun, it doesn’t make use of the so-called C waves – this type of UV rays is regarded as the most dangerous UV type for your skin. There are 4 types of tanning beds that can be used in a tanning salon. The so-called Class A includes the most advanced models of tanning beds. A Class A tanning bed provides an increased comfort during the tanning session and a much faster tan when compared to other types of tanning beds. Also, a Class A tanning bed is designed to produce less UVB rays and more UVA rays – this way, a safer and better tan is guaranteed.

Class B tanning beds offer a fast tan as well and you will need just 1 or 2 tanning sessions in order to maintain your tan. Class C tanning beds will require you to spend more time exposing your body to the tanning lamps. Often, you will have to use cream tanners and even additional lamps in order to get better results. Class D tanning beds include the tanning systems belonging to the basic-level and they will require up to 4 sessions in order to maintain a base tan and up to 9 or 10 to achieve the results you want.

So, when entering a tanning salon, you should ask about the class of the tanning beds they use in order to choose the type that fits your needs best. Also, you will have make sure that the tanning salon provides safety regulations. For instance, the tanning bulbs that are used in a salon must have  a timer in order to prevent the user’s overexposure. So, tanning bulbs must have a label that contains the distance an user must have from the tanning lamp in order to avoid overexposure. Every tanning bulb should have a warning regarding the potential harms of overexposure, especially when it comes to particularly sensitive users.

A tanning salon must regulate the right quantity of UV radiation waves that reach the individual’s body and provide every user with the necessary information on the proper usage of the tanning beds available in the salon. For additional safety, you should pay attention to all the recommendations coming from NMF (National Medical Professionals) in order to get the right exposure times when it comes to using indoor tanning machines.