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How To Have A Healthy Tan The Sunless Way.

Healthy tanning means being safe so that you can reap the benefits of having a beautiful healthy summer glow.

Most people experience a boost in confidence and self esteem when they have a tanned glow. The best way to be tan healthy is to learn about your skin. Knowing your skin and its limitations will always ensure your health. Not everyone has the same skin type and some of us have more trouble than others when it comes to achieving that deep tan. However, there are many products on the market today that allow everyone to experience great tanning experiences across all levels. Knowing your skin and its limitations will ensure that you reach maximum results within safe times.

Your tanning program needs to be paced. Don’t try and get it all the first time! A base tan is the key to achieving that great tan and, most importantly, maintaining it. Getting that base tan will vary across skin types, but the important safety rule is to have steady, gradual tanning sessions. Make sure that you limit the time of tanning sessions according to the safety regulations of the tanning bed. All tanning beds are different so be sure that you are well educated and informed before commencing a tanning program. Keep tanning visits to 3 times per week and always allow 24 hours between visits. Don’t be in a hurry – the best results require time.

Looking after your skin is extremely important. Regular moisturizing will ensure that elasticity is maintained and allow for production of healthy skin cells. Exfoliation is also crucial for skin cell rejuvenation and will also maintain a great tan for longer. Regular skin maintenance not only promotes health and condition, but also ensures for safe tanning practice.

There are many tanning lotions available for tanning booths or tanning beds that are designed to accelerate and maximize a deep summer glow evenly. Choose products that are suited to your skin type and the right level of tanning. Quality products will be recommended by experts but be sure to do your research and not be influenced by cheap poor quality products promising false results.