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How to minimize all the risks when tanning indoors

There are plenty of common misconceptions about indoor tanning. For instance, one of the most prominent misconceptions is the one stating that indoor tanning leads to a permanent skin damage. Even if there is a partial truth when it comes to this statement, you should know that you are perfectly capable of getting a natural looking and glowing tan and minimize all the associated health risks.

When you are tanning outdoors, you subject your skin to plenty of UV rays that are pretty damaging when you expose to large amounts of them. Natural sunlight contains both UVB and UVA rays. UVA rays aren't the right ones when it comes to getting a tan – these rays are to be blamed for sunburns. UVA rays can burn your skin and turn it red soon after you have exposed yourself to them. UVB rays are the ones that help you get the tan you want to have. But natural sunlight does not contain only UVB rays – so, you will have to prevent the possible skin burns caused by UVA rays bu using sun block creams. Sun block creams are to be used in order to avoid the damaging effects of the UVA rays.

High-quality indoor systems are designed to deliver only beneficial UVB rays. However, it's pretty hard to completely remove the UVA rays and this is the reason why a quality tanning bed emits 95%+ UVB instead of 100% UVB rays. By using a high quality tanning system, you can take full advantage of the so-called browning effects provided by the UVB rays .Image











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The burn effect will be eliminated and this is one of the pros related to undergoing indoor tanning regimens. Also, you should keep in mind that a normal and efficient indoor tanning session should last for an exact average of 10 up to 15 minutes and not more. Using a quality tanning lotion will also provide you with a healthy tan without doing any damage to your skin. A quality tanning lotion is created to harness all the power of the rays emitted by the tanning lamps. Also, you can enhance the browning effects by using natural moisturizers and oils that can protect your skin from a possible harmful damage.

Once you decide to have a residential tanning bed, you will have to figure out how to use this indoor tanning system in the right way. Start by preventing yourself from getting too much exposure to the tanning lamps. Too much exposure will damage your skin. You will have to follow the exact recommended tanning times available for the type of residential tanning bed you have purchased. Depending on the strength and intensity of its tanning lamps, you will have to adapt your tanning times in order to be longer or shorter. But make sure that no tanning session lasts more than 30 minutes. Once you tan too long, you will be likely to suffer serious and painful sunburns. Remember that repeated burning is likely to significantly increase your potential risks of developing skin cancer later in your life.