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How to Tan Evenly in a Tanning Bed

Getting an even tan from the tanning bed is not always as easy you think. There are some key factors to remember and prepare for prior to your tanning session, so that you maximize your tanning experience and achieve your desired results.

The reason why most of us use a tanning bed is to achieve an all over golden summer tan. The key to a natural tan is to make sure the tan is even all over the entire body. Why go to all the trouble and expense of getting a tan that is blotchy, stripy and uneven? Here are a few pointers on how to get that even tan you want.

Tanning beds can leave stripes down each side of the body due to the design of the bed itself. Sides of a tanning bed are open, thus leaving an exposure gap of tanning. People often find that they can experience white stripes on each side of the body. This problem can be decreased if you raise your arms over your head whilst lying in the bed. When the tanning bed lid is down, there is still freedom to move. Rotating the angle of your body slightly, at even intervals of time will eliminate chances of an uneven tan.
Uneven tanning can also be due to a build up of pressure from lying on certain body parts of extended periods of time. The areas most common to this are the shoulders, backs of the legs and bottoms. This is another good reason to rotate evenly throughout the tanning session.
The best tip that any experienced tanner can share is to exfoliate and apply tanning lotion evenly. Exfoliation removes any dry and dead skin cells that will reflect light. Exfoliating for a few days prior to tanning will be extremely valuable in achieving and keeping the desired tan. A quality tanning lotion will accelerate a tan evenly. Make sure that every body area is covered and not to forget those places like your hips and back, which are easily neglected. Take sufficient time on getting your skin prepared because whilst the thought of getting a great summer tan is exciting, the time you spend in preparation will bring those great results.