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Tanning Booth Tips

Tanning in a booth saves us time. And as our daily lives are becoming busier, achieving an all over body tan in less time is a great way to keep that time valuable.

The tanning booth achieves an entire body tan at the same time, because it is a capsule that allows you to stand in. Being able to stand upright allows for an all over even tanning experience, unlike the traditional tanning bed. The tanning booth also has the added benefit to its tanning customers by offering more tan in less time.

Less time, more tan? How does this work? The answer to this is exposure time. A tanning booth will always state a maximum exposure time. Look for newer models of tanning booths that offer lower exposure times. The lower the maximum exposure time means less time that you will have to spend actually tanning. Newer models that offer lower maximum exposure times allow the tanning customer to develop that desired tan sooner. So, less actually becomes more! The rule of thumb to remember: tanning booths with lower exposure time will maximize you tan and minimize your tanning time.

The tanning booth was designed to allow for an all over body tan without having to roll over, change sides or position. The capsule is fitted with even bulbs around the entire walled areas, so that when you stand inside, every part of your body can achieve a great even tan at the same time.

Now that we have got the specifics of the actual booths out of the way, lets move on to some tips that you can do to achieve that beautiful summer tan and, most importantly, maintain it. For best results from a tanning booth, your body should be exfoliated completely. This will remove any dead skin cells and dry flaky areas that may result in uneven tanning, as the light will actually be reflected not absorbed. This is best to do a couple of times leading up to your tanning booth appointment. You should also moisturize using a body moisturizer that contains Vitamin D. Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin, and used with the tanning booth will benefit the skins absorbency.

Tanning lotions will also maximize your tanning session, and can do by up to 40%. These lotions will also moisturize and nourish the skin, keeping it healthy. Tanning lotions are designed to maximize the life of a tan.

When inside the tanning booth always wear protective goggles. These are supplied by the salon for the underlying reason of safety to the retinas of the eyes. While you may have used goggle that sit across the eyes in traditional tanning beds, when standing inside the tanning booth, it is essential that the goggles have a strap around the back of your head to keep them in place. By no means should you expose your eyes to the light inside the tanning booth during a tanning session.

The position of your stance during the tanning session is quite important. Because of the capsule shape of the tanning booth, light can be absorbed by your skin from every angle. Maximize this by standing with your legs apart so that the inside skin gets that light as well. The same with the inside of your arms – keeping them by your side wont let the light reach, so standing with them upright allows for an all over even coverage. Explore the capsule inside before your tanning session as quite often the tanning booths will have handle bars to hold onto with your arms for support.

While the thought of achieving a tan is very exciting for most people, you need to think about your skin first. Tanning sessions should be limited to a maximum of 3 times per week. This time frame allows for the melanin in the skin to fully recover. You should always allow for 48 hours passing between tanning sessions. Full tanning results will appear after 24 hours so remember to be patient and tan safe.


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