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The main advantages of a tanning canopy

The tanning bed canopy is the top half of the tanning bed. This type of indoor tanning device can become the perfect alternative for your home as soon as you decide that a traditional tanning bed isn't what you are looking for. Saving space is one of the main reasons why tanning bed canopies have become some popular among house owners. Rather that having to use a permanent space for a traditional tanning bed, you can choose to use just a tanning canopy that can be pulled out from a space whenever you feel like tanning. In addition, there is a wide range of canopies that can allow the user to position the necessary tanning lamps at different distances and angles in order to get an optimum tan. An upright canopy could be the perfect solution for your home due to its space-efficiency.

Saving money is another concern when choosing to have a tanning bed canopy in the comfort of your home. For instance, an average tanning canopy will cost you about 1 third of the price of a traditional tanning bed. Also, you will be saving money on your future electricity bills and on the replacement bulbs. A lightweight and portable tanning canopy can operate by using a system based on gas shock – this system hovers over every person who uses the tanning canopy. Another reason why people tend to prefer a tanning bed canopy is the fact that its airy and cool design can deal with their heat sensitivity or mild claustrophobia.

The storage space when it comes to a tanning bed canopy is significantly smaller when compared to the one needed by a more traditional tanning bed. For instance, a tanning canopy can be stored right upright and against a wall. Another feature of the tanning canopy is its tilt feature. For instance, there are plenty of modern canopy designs that can tilt at almost any angle their user designates. This feature means that the user is allowed to get maximum angle results when it comes to his ultimate tanning sessions. This tilt feature can also be used in order to set and get an even less direct tanning method and this is extremely helpful for users with sensitive or fair skin. 

A tanning canopy will provide you with the same benefits provided by a more traditional tanning bed. For instance, the curved canopy of a Wolff bed will provide you with a full tan. Plus, this canopy can be adjusted in order to meet your height. Also, you can choose how to tan on each of your body sides once you decide that it's high time for you to even out your present tan. A canopy bed is fully mobile. Rather than having to come up with extra free space in order to store your indoor tanning system, you can simply pull the canopy bed right out of the corner.  


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