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Tips on getting a safe tan at a tanning salon

Going for an effective artificial tanning is safe as long as you use clean and safe tanning systems. For instance, if you undergo a regular tanning regimen at a tanning salon, you will have to learn how to look for some hints in order to make sure that the bed you are using is clean and safe. Making sure that the tanning equipment you use is clean, well serviced and in a perfect working order is paramount for your safety.

  • Start by checking the inside surface of the bed you are using at the tanning salon. Even a casual glance can help you determine whether the bed is cleaned on a regular basis. The reflectors and lamps must be checked for perfect cleanliness on both their sides. Keep in mind that the acrylic that is used when the tanning process takes place is likely to be the most hard-worked area of a tanning bed. This surface must be changed once at year and you should try and find out when the last change took place.
  • Some of the tanning beds may need to have their acrylic surface changed even between the regular lamp changes. Also, the acrylic surface will have to be kept in a very polished and well cleaned condition because the constant use of warm water is likely to leave behind some unwanted deposits. These deposits can actually build up some ugly stains on the bed’s acrylic. By using an acrylic cleaner, the care taker can do the job once he applies the cleaner on a regular basis and after every tanning session.
  • Before lying down on your tanning bed, you should run a look on its surface in order to make sure that there are no worn out hinges or ugly bulge. By doing this, you will minimize the risk of being injured during your tanning session. Also, the filters must be carefully inspected as well in order to make sure that they provide the right amount of heat. Filters must be checked in order to avoid any danger related to a possible over heating that can lead to burns.

While all the aspects listed above will require a technician who can provide every tanning bed with an usable and clean certification, even you can make sure that the tanning system you are using at your favorite tanning salon is properly sanitized. Do this before lying down on the tanning bed. The necessary sterilization process will have to be carried out in a strict way and accordingly to the guidelines for sterilization. Every part of the tanning bed must be sanitized and it should not be missed over in order for the tanning bed to be completely safe.

Some intelligent checks must be instituted. For instance, you should inquire whether there is a regular and proactive inspection of every tanning bed. You should make sure that this inspection takes place according to a laid down schedule. You may even ask for a record of maintenance in order to have peace of mind. Keep in mind that each of the things listed above can be done as a real matter of course because no reliable tanning salon is likely to raise any objections when it comes to answering its clients regarding the maintainer routine of its tanning beds. Every customer has to right to query about the cleaning and servicing of the tanning bed he/she uses. Keep in mind that it’s better for you to make sure about your tanning bed and its present condition before using it.