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Tips on getting and maintaining your base tan

Once you invest in a residential tanning booth, you will have to try your best and protect your money. The best way to achieve this is by building a really good base tan and maintaining it for as long as possible. A base tan can be maintained on a regular basis. But building your initial base tan is to be regarded as the lengthy and long part of your indoor tanning experience. Once you manage to establish your base tan, you will find it easier to maintain it in a very good looking state. But if you let your initial base tan to be completely faded, you will have to start at zero again. Keep in mind that is cheaper to maintain your base tan than starting everything all over again.

Additionally, by maintaining your initial base tan, you will have a gorgeous and naturally looking tan all year around instead of having it just sporadically. Here are the key factors you should consider in order to develop the right indoor tanning routine.

  • The first factor is related to your skin type. For instance, some people may get a dark color soon after 1 visit while other will need more tanning sessions in order to get the tan they want. But the vast majority of people is likely to fall in a category between these 2 extremes and they will require 2 or even 3 indoor tanning sessions in order to show a really good tan. If you are an average tanner, you will need at least 4 tanning sessions in order to establish a really good base tan.
  • Another aspect related to your tanning experience is the type of your residential tanning booth and the lamps it uses. A tanning booth will completely eliminate the unwanted pinch points that a tanning bed is likely to cause. 
  • The third aspect concerns the time you take between your tanning visits. This time will be affected mostly by your individual skin type. Preserving your base tan is another important mater and the easiest way to maintain your tan is by applying quality moisturizers on a regular basis. The main reason why a tan tends to fade over time is the fact that the outer layers of your skin fall off and take the darkened pigment with them. Since your tan comes from the outer layers of the skin, it will fade out as soon as your skin starts to exfoliate. Keep in mind that exfoliation is a natural process and you cannot prevent it. But you can slow it down by applying a moisturizer. This way, you tan will stay visible too.
  • Next, you should make sure that you keep your body hydrated in order to provide your skin with plenty of moisture right from inside. You should drink at least 2 liters of water per day in order to stay healthy and maintain your base tan. 
  • Using a quality after-tan moisturizer is another wise thing for you to do in order to maintain your base tan. You will have to apply such an after-tan lotion soon after each of your indoor tanning sessions because waiting several hours is likely to minimize the effects of this special lotion. The pores of your skin are likely to be more open soon after your tanning session due to the drying effects and heat emitted by the UV lights.