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Top tips on keeping your tanning bed in a perfect state

A tanning bed can be made to last longer if its owner knows how to take proper care of it. Here are some tips for you to follow in order to make sure your tanning bed stays in a perfect shape.

  • After each of your tanning sessions, you should make sure that you inspect and clean your tanning bed. Start by inspecting its click strip in order to make sure that this item is attached firmly. Next, you should inspect its facial glass in order to notice if there are any blemishes or cracks. Continue by cleaning the canopy acrylics and bench. In order to do this, you will have to use just the right cleaning liquid. You must not use bleach or alcohol. A non-abrasive cloth is to be used as well. The tanning bed pillow must be cleaned as well. Keep in mind not to use oil-based or outdoor tanning lotions in order not to damage the acrylic of your tanning bed.
  • Next, you must have the goggles cleaned and sanitized in order to keep them in a perfect shape and guarantee your future safety when using your tanning bed. Keep in mind that you must perform the same cleaning process on a regular basis, even if your are not using your tanning bed in that particular day. Inspect the acrylics for hazing, wear or cracks and use just an approved cleaning solution in order to clean and sanitize your tanning bed.
  • Once a week, you will have to inspect your tanning bed in order to make sure that it is in a perfect condition. Dust its lamps but without touching them with bare hands. Remove and clean the canopy acrylic sheets and bench. Wipe and vacuum the vents, fans and vent hoses. Also, you must check whether the shock tension must be adjusted or not. The set bolts are to be checked as well in order to see whether they are still tight or not. Also, check the connectors of the bench-to-canopy and the power cord in order to notice if there is any wear and tear.
  • The canopy acrylics and bench must be cleaned on a monthly basis. The reflectors must be cleaned as well and you must do this by using the approved and appropriate cleaning solution. The vent hoses are to be inspected in order to ensure an optimum ventilation and provide all the necessary adjustments once you notice that they are needed. In order to get sufficient ventilation, you will have to make sure that your tanning bed is at least 7 inches away from a wall.
  • The voltage that is supplied to your tanning bed must be checked as well in order to make sure that it is conform with all the instructions underlined in your manufacturer’s guidelines. Once you notice that a lamp needs to be replaced, you will have to choose a replacement that meets all the frequency recommendations.