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Top tips on staying away from indoor tanning burns

If you want to get a perfect indoor tanning experience, you will have to learn how to stay away from burns. If you go to a tanning salon on a regular basis, you will have to pay attention to the type of tanning bed you are using. For instance, if the tanning bed is a low pressure one, you will be exposed to the highest possibility to get burned because a low pressure tanning bed emits UV rays that have a range similar to the one emitted by the sun. So, if your skin can be burned quite easily, you should avoid using a low pressure tanning bed.

On the other hand, a high pressure tanning bed is designed to emit a higher amount of rays that can help you get a longer lasting tan, even if this will require you to undergo longer tanning sessions. However, when using such a tanning bed, you will be less likely to get burned. Mainly, there are 2 main causes why you can get burned while tanning indoors. First, you may not be using the required amount of protection against the UV rays emitted by the tanning lamps. And second, you may have been too exposed to the tanning rays.

In order to avoid severe tanning bed burns, you must make sure that you are using quality indoor tanning lotions – go for the best ones available on the current market. A really good indoor tanning lotion will stimulate your skin in order to produce even more melanin and get the darker shade you want to have. Due to a quality tanning lotion, you will have more melanin produced in your body and you will not have to stay longer in your tanning bed. For instance, a quality tanning lotion will allow you to cut-off the necessary exposure times thus reducing the amount of ultraviolet rays that come into contact with your skin.

Most quality tanning lotions have moisturizing effects as well. Moisturizers supply all the oils needed by your skin in order to maintain its natural, youthful look and its increased elasticity. This way, a quality indoor tanning lotion will help you get a healthy and vibrant tan instead of having a leathered tired look. Aside from using a tanning lotion, you will have to wear eye protection as well in order to get 100% protection from the UV rays emitted by the tanning bed.

Avoiding overexposure is another thing you should do in order to avoid possible burns. When tanning indoors, you will be exposed to a greater dose of UV radiations and this will increase the risks for you to get burned unless you are cautious enough in order to protect your skin. So, if you are using your residential tanning bed for the first time, you will have to stay in just for a few minutes in order to avoid getting burned. Then, you may add some more minutes to your exposure times – do this the second time you enter the tanning bed. On your third tanning session, you can stay in your residential tanning bed for 20 minutes because this is the maximum recommended time.