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Velocity Tanning Beds

If you are a tanning salon owner, the Velocity tanning bed may prove to be the wisest investment you'll ever make. Find out more about Velocity tanning bed pricing so that you can begin taking your tanning services to a higher level, and begin multiplying your customer base.

Velocity tanning bed pricing

The standard retail price of one Velocity tanning bed is almost $33,000, but your can find some dealers who are able to sell it at only around $29,500. Still, the bed is not quite cheap and most start-up tanning salons do not have the funds for it. Luckily, though, the company that manufactures Velocity tanning beds (Wolff) offers easy financing schemes for tanning salon owners.

With Wolff's comprehensive financing program, Velocity tanning bed pricing suddenly won't look as steep. The lease program is designed to help you retain as much working capital as possible even as you pay for your Velocity unit. How do you apply? Simply log on to their corporate website, fill out a short online form, wait for confirmation and approval, and your Velocity tanning bed will be shipped to you the next day – sometimes even for free!

Be sure you have already read through the Velocity tanning bed pricing forms also available in the website before you apply for financing. You will be required to disclose your credit and personal information. When you apply for a lease, you are agreeing to let Wolff Tanning Equipment and their partner financer Citizen's Finance Company review your credit profile and that of your co-maker (if any). These two companies will look into the credit information provided by your references and assess if you can afford to pay regularly.

What you are paying for

It's true that the bottom lines in Velocity tanning bed pricing sheets are quite pricey, but there is one very good reason for this – the bed is worth it. Tanning and engineering meet in Velocity high pressure tanning bed, which is the first tanning bed to ever work from all angles. This high-pressure, 360 degree, non-closed bed scientifically position three sets if lamps to give the user full body coverage, producing a natural-looking and very even tan. Your client will simple comfortably lie down on a contoured acrylic suspended in the middle of three beams for 15 minutes and come out looking consistently bronze from every angle.

Velocity high pressure tanning beds have 14 800-watt Heraeus ultra pressure lamps for tanning the body and four 1000-watt Heraeus ultra pressure lamps specifically targeted to the face. The Velocity is quite compact for its power, too – you only need about 99 square feet of space to comfortably fit it in.

The Velocity tanning bed design makes it very easy to operate and control, so that you and your salon attendants can learn how to maximize its power in less than an hour. Its electrical components are very easy to access, its lamps are easily changeable because they are attached by hinged cassettes, and it has a built-in security timer that robotically checks the standard timer so that your clients get tanning session lengths all the time. You can also link it up directly to your TMAX timer for remote tanning time monitoring.

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