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Wholesale Home Tanning Beds

If like many entrepreneurs you are interested in taking advantage of the booming tanning industry, then now is the best time to put up your very own tanning salon. Shop around for wholesale home tanning beds – beds that are originally meant for residential use but are so great, they're practically salon quality. Where do you find these wholesale home tanning beds? Here is your roadmap.

The internet. Websites of online wholesalers are still the best places to buy wholesale home tanning beds from because they offer the lowest prices. How do they do it? Their internet business keeps their overhead because they do not pay a lot of sales people nor do they rent out big warehouses. These online stores have established special purchasing relationships with manufacturers owing to the substantial volume of sales that they are able to generate online. They simple display images and specifications of wholesale home tanning beds on their website and order from the manufacturer when you order. Their commissions are generally minimal, so you get the best possible price.

Online distributors of wholesale home tanning beds are also typically easier to deal with. If you only need to buy one home tanning bed, for example, they can still give it to you at a wholesale price (if you ask them to). How do they do it? They ‘piggyback' your order to a bigger order. This means you get your home tanning bed at a dirt cheap price.

Buyers' market. Watch out for wholesale markets in your city, because they just might feature tanning bed manufacturers. Ask your city hall if the market is open to the public, or if you need to reserve tickets to be able to participate. You may meet representatives of home tanning bad manufacturing companies from attending these buyers' markets and actually get wholesale home tanning beds. They may sell the units to you at a slightly higher price if you only intend to buy two to four units, but you will still find exceptional savings just the same.

Small business groups. Join organizations of small business owners and stay active to get more information on how to buy wholesale home tanning beds. You will probably meet people in the same business as you or in a business related to yours. Ask them where they get their wholesale home tanning beds and what processes or requirements they had to fulfill in order to do it.

If you do not have much time to actually go out and socialize with your fellow small business owners, then just join online business organizations. Log on to the forums and ask other tanning salon owners where they get their wholesale home tanning beds. You should also join tanning salon-specific email newsgroups so you can get alerts to discussions about wholesale home tanning beds.

The Phonebook. It's amazing that in this age of internet technology, the trusty phonebook still works, Check the business section under ‘tanning beds' and start working the telephone – call the manufacturers (they usually have a customer support hotline ) and ask if you could buy wholesale home tanning beds, what the requirements are, if there are wholesale outlets near you, etc. You may get process that are a little higher than wholesale if you do not meet their minimum order requirements, but these prices will surely still be better than paying retail.


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