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Wolff Sunvision Tan Beds

AAA Wolff Tanning Equipment is known for quality tanning beds for every kind of budget, and it did not disappoint with its Wolff Sunvision tan beds. At less than $6,000, this model packs in all the essentials that more expensive models are built on.

Value-added features

Wolff Sunvision tan beds all have 30 lamps – not like other beds in the lower price range that only have around 24. The canopy is not too shabby has 16 Wolff lamps of 100 watts each, and the bench has 14 Wolff lamps, also 100 watts each.

Wolff Sunvision tan beds do not scrimp on durability, either. They are built with the same tough materials from Wolff's Duramax technology. The engineering that goes into the design of these beds is comparable to more expensive units – the whole body is computer-engineered to achieve precise Biotech tunnel-tanning effect, so that users come out with consistent, natural-looking tans all the time. Wolff Sunvision tan beds are comfortably wise for any user of any body type and size. The tanning surface is made of specially-designed acrylic sheets exclusive only to Sunvision. It is also ergonomic and curved – it ‘cradles' the tanner throughout the session.

Timer and security

All Wolff Sunvision tan beds are equipped with up to the minute digital timers, which are also backed up by yet another timer system and another hour meter (incorporated into the tanning bed's bench). This way, users never have to worry about over-tanning and overexposure to UVA rays. Each tanning session (usually lasting 20 minutes) is accurately timed so that the user's skin is protected and the tan comes out a perfect bronze. Some tanning salon owners also hook up their Wolff Sunvision tan beds with optional remote link systems that enable them to monitor and control the length of the tanning session even from a distance.

Cooling system

Wolff Sunvision tan beds can be upgraded with optional body cooling fans, which are very powerful in creating and maintaining a comfortable tanning temperature. Additionally, Sunvision ‘Superflow' internal cooling fans and even after-tan cooling systems can be attached to all Wolff Sunvision tan beds to provide tanners with ultra comfortable tanning experience.


All Wolff Sunvision tan beds come with two kinds of warranty to give owners peace of mind. Wolff provides limited lifetime warranty on top of a two-year ‘silver medal' extended warranty.


Electricity usage

Each Wolff Sunvision tan bed uses one 220-volt dedicated unit and one 30-amp circuit breaker. The beds do not come with plugs when they are delivered to you. Call a licensed electrician to hardwire your bed directly into a junction box, or do so yourself if you have enough background in electrical engineering. Remember – Wolff Sunvision tan beds should only be plugged into outlets with a voltage that is below 230 VAC. If your outlet does not meet this standard, you have to buy a buck booster, which transforms and controls the voltage that goes into your tanning bed.