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Wolff Tanning Beds and your Health

You probably know by now that overexposure to UV light – whether directly from the sun or through indoor tanning equipment – is harmful to the health. Modern engineering has however already improved the technology that goes into high-quality equipment like Wolff tanning beds, which many experts say are actually good for your health when used properly. Find out more about how proper tanning with Wolff tanning beds can improve your skin and your overall health.

Wolff tanning beds help give you essential vitamins

Dermatologists now agree that while overexposure to UV rays can cause grave health consequences such as allergies, premature aging and even skin cancer, moderate exposure is actually essential in the body's bioprocesses, too. The low UV light emitted by Wolff tanning beds actually helps your body generate vitamin D, which help build stronger bones and teeth, and also facilitates formation of blood cells. Wear enough sunscreen when using Wolff tanning beds and you can achieve the bronze color you have always wanted while enjoying these and other health benefits from vitamin D.

Wolff tanning beds helps cure some diseases

The same UV light emitted by Wolff tanning beds is also being used in phototherapy – the medical process used to help treat conditions such as psoriasis. What's more, the same light in higher intensities is now being used to treat indicators of seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

SAD is a health condition that is presently being treated with regular antidepressant medications like Prozac and Zoloft, but more and more health professionals are turning to exercise and light therapy which are seen to be more effective. Patients are made to either sit in front of high-intensity lightboxes or wear specially-deigned lightvisors for at minimum of 30 minutes a day – similar to what tanners do when using Wolff tanning beds. The FDA does not allow tanning bed manufacturers to claim that their products can alleviate SAD, but a strong body of evidence supports the fact that exposure to bright light similar to that which is emitted by Wolff tanning beds helps the brain restrain the release of depressant hormones, making a person feel happier.

Wolff tanning beds increase self-esteem

Contrary to popular belief, self-esteem is directly related to health. Many tanners claim that getting a tan helps them feel better about their appearance and interact more confidently with other people. People with more upbeat dispositions generally have better bioprocesses and are able to lead healthier lives.


Some health considerations

While Wolff tanning beds undoubtedly have good effects on health, users still have to use them properly in order to protect themselves from adverse effects resulting from misuse. The rule of thumb is common sense: indoor or outdoor tanning should be done in moderation so as not to predispose the skin to allergic reactions or other more serious diseases. Tanners should practice safe tanning to avert potentially harmful health consequences of too much exposure to UV light. Wearing eye goggles, using tanning lotions and regulating tanning times are just some of the many safe tanning practices regular tanners should stick to.


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