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Wolff Tanning Beds

When it comes to indoor tanning, nothing comes close to the reputation of Wolff tanning beds. The Wolff logo is almost a guarantee of tanning safety and excellence both in the commercial and residential tanning industry. Wolff tanning beds continue to be the market leader, and because of the state of the art innovations it continues to introduce, it will most likely stay in that rank for a very long time.

How Wolff tanning beds came to be

Wolff tanning beds were first manufactured in the 1970´s after Friedrich Wolff discovered indoor UV lights. The first Wolff beds were invented by chance. Wolff was testing the effect of strategically positioned UV lights – which mimic the effects of the sun – on athletes and their athletic performance. What he discovered was something more, though. The athletes began to have healthy-looking tans. Wolff then applied this knowledge and invented the very first Wolff tanning beds.

Wolff tanning beds today

A tanning bed is considered a Wolff tanning bed if it uses beds, lamps, reflector systems and acrylic shields from Wolff System. Many manufacturers are now producing these beds, and all of them went though Wolff's rigid licensing procedures. Some of them are ETS, Inc., Heartland Tanning Supplies, PC Marketing, and SonnenBräune.

Wolff System is just as strict when choosing its Wolff tanning beds distributors. Among them are Amerisun, Exotic Tanning, Australian Gold, ITE (Int'l Tanning Equipment), Four Seasons, Light House, Future Industries, Mann UV, Kelsun Distributors, Sun Coast Supply, Tan Systems, Sun Tech , and the Tanning Depot.

Models of Wolff tanning beds

There are two types of Wolff tanning beds – the residential models and he commercial models. The newest residential model is SunQuest, which is becoming more and more popular because of its low price but first-rate features. Among the latest commercial Wolff tanning beds are the SunDome and SunVision models. Go a step up to the premium line of Wolff tanning beds and you will find models such as StarPower, SunStar, and Solaris.

Why choose Wolff tanning beds

Wolff tanning beds have been proven to provide deeper, more even tans to its users. This is primarily because Wolff lamps emit more UVA to hasten the darkening of the pigment granules of your skin while sparing it from harmful exposure that causes erythema and other skin conditions. In effect, Wolff tanning beds increase your skin's energy, improve its ability to form pigments, and facilitate the oxidation of melanin.

There are different kinds of Wolff lamp from different tanning requirements. Among its strongest models are the Wolff Diamond Sun, Accelerator, and the EuroSun S3, which when used in Wolff tanning beds give immediate dark colors.


Buying Wolff tanning beds

Recognizing the steep price of some Wolff tanning beds, many retailers are now partnering up with financial service companies to be able to provide loan services to people and business who want to purchase the beds but pay it over a certain period. This option has helped a lot of residential tanners and tanning salon owners to afford and enjoy state of the art Wolff tanning beds while maintaining credit liquidity.