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Wolff Tanning Supply Retailers
Looking for Wolff tanning supply retailers? Stop searching from directory to directory – we have done all the work for you. Here are the top two Wolff tanning supply retailers to cover all your needs.

Stay Tan, Inc.

Stay Tan Inc. is your one-stop shop for everything related to Wolff tanning beds, may they be hardware, bulbs, lamps, etc. This Wolff tanning supply retailer also sells tanning beds at huge discounts. You can get a Wolff-manufactured Sunquest 24 RS which retails at about $3,600 for as low as $2,600, and the Sunquest Pro 16 which retails for about $2,900 for under $2,300.

Stay Tan Inc. sets itself apart from other Wolff tanning supply retailers by providing financing options for Wolff tanning supplies. The company is affiliated with Atlanta-based financing firm Crest Capital, which specializes in lending money to entrepreneurs who want to buy income-earning equipment. Other Wolff tanning supply retailers simply act as middlemen, but Stay Tan Inc. hooks buyers up with reasonable rate structures and financing and leasing programs so that they could buy the Wolff tanning supplies they need. Start-up tanning salon owners and those looking to expand their tanning salon business all find this added service very useful. Application is very easy, too – unlike other Wolff tanning supply retailers that require too much paperwork, Stay Tan Inc. only requires you to fill out a simple online form to know if you are qualified, how much you are qualified for, and what your rates will be. Be prepared to give out your personal and business information.

Master Tanning Sales & Service, Inc.

Master Tanning Sales & Service, Inc. has been one of the top Wolff tanning supply retailers for 17 years, and prides itself for having a very competent sales and customer support staff to make the experience of purchasing tanning beds and supplies very comfortable even for first time buyers. Master Tanning Sales & Service, Inc. is based in New Bern (in North Carolina ) but it ships nationwide and in some countries.

Unlike other Wolff tanning supply retailers, Master Tanning Sales & Service, Inc. retails not only brand new Wolff commercial tanning beds, but also brand new home tanning beds, used tanning beds, tanning bed lamps and other parts, tanning bed signs, and even tanning bed lotions. Interested parties may talk to their representatives by calling 800-552-4446.


AAA Wolff Tanning Equipment Co.

You can also purchase Wolff tanning bed parts, accessories, and lotions directly from AAA Wolff Tanning Equipment Co. Unlike other Wolff tanning supply retailers, the company can provide you with even the hardest to find parts such as 220V AMP locking wall receptacles, T-Max managers, Spring-wound remote timers, and starter K-12 or S-12 with 115 to 160 watts, to name a few. You can even get acrylic precaution walls signs to hang in the tanning room, aqua cell tanning pillows, and many others – all for half the retail price. Wolff also supports and sells tanning lotion brands such as Australian Gold and California Tan.

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